Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

oh long weekend - you were good to us!
friday night we headed out camping with jon's family.
i have to admit i have a love hate relationship with camping.
but we made it.
my kids LOVE it - and i do it for them!
saturday morning we headed back into town to work at the store and celebrate the ONE year anniversary of STS.  ahhh - just so awesome.
it was a GREAT day at the store!!
the kids were at home with my cousin veronica and enjoying some time in the little kid pool.
their friend loreli came over to join in on the fun and head to camp with us.
when i got home we changed clothes and headed back out to the campgrounds.
saturday night was an early night for the kids, must have been worn out from the previous night and from all the swimming.
sunday morning we were up early and made breakfast and played.
we were packed up and headed home by 11.
later that afternoon we had some friends over so the kids could swim, dogs could run around and adults could bbq and enjoy some drinks.
it was a perfect little evening.
monday morning we were up with our DIY pants on and ready!
we finally finished painting the bedroom.  YAY!  and everything is back in it's place.
it feels SO good.
and then we busted out our amazing craigslist vanity find and cleaned that baby up and DIYed.
ahhhh - it's going to look AMAZING in the bathroom.  SO excited!
once we were done DIY-ing we said - that's it, let's go swimming.
and we headed out to jon's mom and dad's pool.
the water was COLD but S&H were LOVING it.
henry is SUCH the little swimmer this year.
i am SO proud of him.
looking forward to MANY MANY more swimming days.  YAY!
hope you all had a nice nice weekend!


Adrien said...

Love those extra long weekends! I'm jealous - I actually enjoy camping but Eric HATES it, haha. Not in the cards for me any time soon. Your little fishes are going to have a blast in that pool this summer!

sblind2 said...

ACK - we tried out camping too .... Brody had a blast and that's the only reason I stayed out there - not for me ... too much work - I can relax just as much in the comfort of my own home (INSIDE - bug free)

Anonymous said...

You are a good mom!! I hope my kids want nothing to do with camping hahah

Fun, busy weekend. I bet everyone slept good!