So What.... Thursday...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

So What.... Thursday...

so what.... if it's usually a so what wednesday.
it's my blog - i do what i want!

so what.... if i am not really bothered by this hot weather yet.
because i just KNOW it's going to be hotter.
so this, this i can take.

so what.... if i can't tease very well.
i swear i try to tease in the morning and my hair looks "decent" but in like two hours....
please tell me i'm not alone.

so what.... if we had another fashion show/concert in the yard this week.
we don't charge anything, so spot on by!  lol.

so what.... if i switch glasses with my son.
even though he doesn't look thrilled, i promise you this was ALL his idea.  lol.

so what.... if i let S&H decorate jon's cake for his half birthday.
they were PUMPED.
i told him to just think that's how old he is in days, times 27.5, divided by 4.
close enough, right?

so what... if i can't get over the difference in stella from her first day of school to her last day.
she looks SO grown up!
so proud of this little girl.
perfect attendance and GREAT scores.
she makes me very, very proud!

so what... if tomorrow is my one year of owning the house and i am right in the middle of a LOT of projects.  whoops.
hoping to do a video tonight to post tomorrow.
so please, don't judge.

and one last plug - come out saturday for STS's One Year Birthday celebration!!
so much new stuff, deals and fun!


Anonymous said...

I use to attempt the teasing thing, but I know I'm not a pro and feel like the back of my hair by the time I leave the house is the big rat's nest that should be hidden.

The picture of you & Henry I looked at it before reading. I thought hmm odd choice of sunglasses, Cassie.

Amanda aka Manda said...

YAY for STS hitting 1!!! Love S's little outfit and yay for lil miss doing so well in school!

Musings of a Childless Mama said...

Hi Cassie...I love your so what wednesday! Stella is a dolly...and Henry is so handsome! I love the glasses picture! Yay for 1 year of owning your house AND of the store!