Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

going to have to chalk it up to a nice little family weekend.
yes indeed!
friday night jon surprised us with not having to work - yay!
so we ran some errands, grabbed some pizza and headed to lacie's house to help her decorate.
well S&H fought over who got to vacuum, jon hung stuff and i looked up ideas on pinterest.
hey - it worked!
we headed home later, watched some netflix and called it a night.
saturday morning everyone was up ready to get the day started.
jon had to go help set up for a picnic and so we headed to get ck real quick and then S&H spent the day with jon's mom while i worked at the store.
there was a fast pitch softball tournament in town and one of the mom's had been talking up the store, so all of the girls and their families were coming in looking for dresses for graduation and such.
it was a fun day!  and a big thanks to whomever the mom was at the game!
once the store closed i picked S&H up and we headed home.
around seven we headed uptown to moonlight madness.
we heard they were going to have a ton of kid stuff up there.
well, two awesome bounce houses is enough for my kids - they were hooked!
we stayed until almost 10!
S&H even caved and got paintings.
these two HATE face paintings - but they settle for hand paintings.
a black bunny for henry (no clue where that came from) and a flower for stella
once we got home they weren't ready to give in yet.
so we headed to the neighbors who were having a bonfire.
S&H got to drive their gator there and thought they were pretty cool!
once they crashed jon and i enjoyed the rest of the night with some drinks outside and made a bonfire.
sunday morning jon was up early making us all breakfast.
and not just any breakfast - heart shaped pancakes.
man i love that guy!
stella and i enjoyed being taken care of the whole morning.
henry - well he slept until 10:30!
once everyone was up we headed out to the prairie picnic.
where there was ANOTHER bounce house!
whatttt - best weekend ever for S&H.
happy - happy kids!
even their bff loreli was there!
we didn't get home until about five that evening and we all crashed for some much needed naps.
papa came over around 7:30 and we enjoyed some ice cream with him.
late showers and some more netflix and we called it a perfect little weekend!


Adrien said...

I love reading about all of the fun you've had! Kids seem to have limitless energy, haha, but man I wish one of my kids would sleep until 10:30! :)

Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like one amazing family weekend!

Sarah said...

Why is your family so cute :)

I am so happy you are so happy my dear!