Five on Friday!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday!

honestly - i can't believe it's friday.
sorry if you feel otherwise.
but then again i only worked three days this week.  whoops!
so - on to the top five of my week.

since i didn't blog until yesterday i am going to have to say mother's day was the best.
so let's start with this.
jon and i joined my mom for an 11 mile bike ride on saturday morning.
lord i haven't ridden a bike in awhile - starting off with 11 miles might not be the best idea.
should have started with five or something.  ha - way more out of shape than what i thought.
and poor jon's butt hurt for a good couple days.  lol.
sunday morning i woke up to henry bringing a gift.
he said - here mom - it's a picture frame!  lol.
thanks buddy!
jon, stella and henry treated me so good that morning.
my mom headed over for coffee and gave me the nicest little gift too.
and then we enjoyed the rest of the day at the magic house.
henry got soaked and ended up naked for a good 30 minutes while his clothes dried.  whoops.
clearly he wasn't very happy.  poor kid.

the night before mother's day we spent some time with jon's bff from college and his wife.
i really enjoy hanging out with them.
we headed out to ballpark village for the night and we had so much fun.
they have a beer pong table set up in the bar and the girls totally beat the boys.
even this girl who didn't have the four year college experience like the rest of them.

monday was my work's 8th annual golf outing.
one of my FAVORITE days of the year.
i co-chair the event.  and we raised $20k for an awesome, awesome charity.
the weather was great, the course is beautiful and the cause is awesome.

wednesday i joined stella and her class for a field trip to the butterfly house.
i just love watching her in her school element.
we had a GREAT day!

we started back on the DIY train at home.
i am REALLY hoping to have an updated house tour for our one year anniversary of owning the house.
i just can't believe we have almost been there a year!

have a great weekend!



Tina Steibel said...

The look on Henrys face is too funny.

Anonymous said...

pheww busy week!!

Adrien said...

Wow, so much in one post! You have certainly been busy! :D

I really miss riding a bike. I don't know if it's the cards any time soon with all my dang kids! Haha. I hope Jon's butt is feeling better. Ahahahaha. Poor guy. That cracked me up!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Poor Henry! Stella is too cute in that picture from the zoo!