It's Fish Fry Season!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's Fish Fry Season!

happy wednesday and welcome fish fry season!
life is good.
so let's catch up, shall we?!
last weekend we had our fair share of traveling under our belt.
and the weather was bound and determined to be crappy.
just our luck.
but we made it, and made the best of it!
friday we headed to the luke's house and spent the evening packaging up mystery boxes!!
oh the STS mystery boxes were a HUGE hit.  yay!
saturday was local pick up day.
stella's favorite day of the week.  lol.  she asks every day if girls are coming to pick up orders today.
while we waited for girls to show up we juiced.
nothing like getting rid of fruits and veggies when you know you are going to be gone all weekend.
and it's always SO good.  even four year old approved!
once the girls had picked up their orders the six of us loaded the car and headed to springfield.
yes, two adults, two kids and two dogs.
ha - crazy people.
but honestly everyone did good!
however we left 46 degree weather to enter 32 degree weather!  insane.
we dropped S&H and the dogs off with aunt danielle and uncle tate and their dog ryken and wished them the best.  lol.
then headed off to decatur for a friend of jon's wedding reception.
we walked out of the reception to find frozen ice everywhere!!
not cool.
but we made it to our destination for the night safely.
well at least i hope we did - i fell asleep on the way there.  ha.  it's bound to happen.  every.time.
sunday morning we woke up to snow and ice.  and headed for our hour drive back to springfield to pick everyone up.
once we made it there we called to check out the event we were planning to go to that night.
disney on ice in st. louis.
as of noon the show was still on.
aunt danielle was going to follow behind us and head to the show, but the weather was just too much and she had to miss out.
we made it to lacie's to pick up her and nana and then headed to the show.
we got there right when the doors opened and honestly didn't think that many people would make it.
but it was packed.
and SO worth it!!  the look on stella's face when the characters came out - she LOVED IT!
jon got some awesome photos of the night.
it was too cute.  he was so determined to get a ton of pictures for S&H to look at on the way home.
he's the best.
after the show the ride home was a little slow.  more snow of course.
but we made it home safe.
and wound up!  lol.
which called for a vacation day monday.
why does it seem we always need a vacation from our vacation?
monday was perfect though.  low key at home.
and then this happened monday night!!
STS hit 5,000!!  amazing!
just perfect!


Erin said...

I need to know about this juicing thing. Teach me how to be skinny. Lol. But let's get a marg first. Contradicting? Nahhhhhh. Ps- Lyla told me she saw my front butt the other day. Totally thought of you.

Amanda aka Manda said...

I wish I could still eat at fish fries! Boo on being gluten free! I'm so glad to hear Disney on Ice was such a big hit!! And YAY for 5000 fans!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucy is getting SO big!! LOVE that Abbie is loving on her :)

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

BRING ON THE FISH FRY's!!!!!! Not gonna help loose this baby flubber. I CANNOT wait to get my mystery box!!!! Whoop Whoop to 5k fans!!! Now lets see 10k!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I'm loving your pink dress! I'm so over snow and ice, too!

Suze said...

Disney on Ice sounds so fun! Im' glad you made it home safely. I'm so glad it's fish fry season. :)

Adrien said...

I'm glad you had a fun and safe evening!! Disney on Ice looks like such a good time! :D