Five on Friday!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday!!

hi guys!
yay for friday.
and yay for a pretty good week.  so yay.  ha.  i just wanted to say yay one more time.
ok, i'm done.
so on to the top five....

the STS store!!  oh my, oh my it's coming along so great!  i just love it.
ahhhhh - yay!
and a ton of credit to jon.  he's worked SO hard!!

heading to a wedding this weekend with this guy.
and i'm pretty excited!!

i have been trying my best to clean eat these past couples of weeks.
and i am loving the way it makes me feel (and look).
of course this new STS top helps too :)
sorry about the dog booty.

working down in the central west end has it pits and peaks.
a peak - the FOOD.
oh em gee.
and this greek joint down the road.
nom nom nom.

i'm pretty sure STS is rubbing off on stella.
found all these pictures on my phone she took last night.
shoes on the silver tray.
love her!

have a great weekend!
we have tickets to see disney on ice this weekend, PRAY no snow!!


Anonymous said...

Good for you on eating clean! I wish I had more discipline when it comes to food. Once the thought is in my head I MUST EAT IT!!

Suze said...

Glad you're feeling good! Enjoy Disney on ice. So fun. :)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

I've been trying my hardest to eat clean too! It really does make a difference.

YAY (I had to, lol) for Disney on Ice! We're going to the 11am show on Saturday. I think I'm more excited than Victoria.... at least until we get there and she sees Mickey and Minnie :))

Have a great weekend!

Amanda aka Manda said...

The store looks amazing!! And I think you should hire Stella as your STS photog!

The Pink Growl said...

I am LOVING that chevron wall in STS store!!! And that top! Good for you for doing the clean eating thing! I'm working on it too, I'm probably 70/30.

Kristin said...

That greek food looks sooooo good