Nobody's Perfect

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nobody's Perfect

blogging two days in a row.... who is this girl?
ha - i know, know.
my favorite girl nikki b did a post like this today and it's just perfect for the mood i am in.
and i'm in a good mood today.  and when my mood is good i feel i tend to be more open.
oh shit, that means i'm going to cry today.  ha.

anyways, we all know that blogging depicts these perfect girls that we all have in our minds.
right?  right.  WRONG.
i am FAR from perfect and i will be the FIRST to admit it.
ha i just mentioned it above, i cry, a lot.  daily.  oh my.  yes, daily.
because i'm a mom - of course.
because i have been hurt - yes
because i am a softy - unfortunately
because i care - absolutely.

what else?
i care A LOT about other people.  you have no idea how many strangers meals i have paid for.
not even strangers.  friends, past friends, acquaintances.  if i feel that person just needs a pick me up.
boom - i pay for their meal and i go about my day.

but on the bad side, i care A LOT about what other people think of me.
ugh - poor jon, he is hit with the question every day of, 'does this look dumb.'
because oh.em.gee heaven forbid i go out in public and look dumb.  lol.  ayi.

i never make my bed.
seriously - like never.
i had someone come over last night to look at our bathroom remodel and all i did was pull up the sheets.
and guess what - i don't make my kids do it either.
whattt - HORRIBLE mom.  i tell you what.

wana know what else?
typing that line up there about not making my kids make their bed.
i erased it and re wrote it FOUR times.
because i know some people from my past who STILL read my blog and they would take that small bit of information and make me look like the worst mom out there.

so yeah, let's confess again.
i write this blog in fear every day.
i fear of writing about having fun too much fun weekend.
getting a baby sitter for me kids.
doing something extra special with my kids and then knowing it will be one-uped :(
because of mean, mean people in my past.
and it sucks.

but i keep on writing.
because in the past year i have learned to let go, and let god.
and even though that fear is still there every day, it's getting smaller and smaller.

but you know what i don't have a fear of.
road rage.  ha.  it's bad.
i blame it on the missouri drivers.  lol.
but every day, seriously.  every day, i call someone on the road a name.
and it's not, hello there pretty driver.  trust me.
i know i know.....

speaking of driving and roads, i have a fear of filling up my tires with air.
like not even kidding you.  i feel like i will put too much air in them and they will blow up in my face.!  ha.

what else isn't perfect about me:
i let my dogs lick the plates.
i let me car get way too messy.
i don't think enough water some days.
i pee in the shower.
i have chipped un-manicured nails 90% of the time.
along with un-tweeaed eyebrows.

well, i think that's enough.
just please, always remember, i'm not perfect.
i blog, and i put my life out there because it's what i chose.
because it's my life, and it's messy, and i do things that not everyone approves of, but it's also happy, and fun, and full of love.
that's something i wish for my daughter and my son daily.
embrace the mess, because it's life, it's going to be messy.
but embrace it.  have fun.  be yourself.

and always remember, nobody's perfect!


Amanda aka Manda said...

A) You are such a great mom! You don't make S&H make their beds- who cares. Spending time with them playing and having fun is more important than making beds anyway. B) Mean people suck! I hate that people from your past do things to make you feel bad. Not cool. And one uppers- one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. I want to throat punch them!

Your openness and honesty is what I love about you! That and the fact that you are down right hilarious! And can always make someone smile! Love you!

The Pink Growl said...

hahahah Cass I love you SO much! Man I need a weekend with you and Kimmy STAT! I have that same fear about the tires with too much air. You are definitely not alone there!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Mean people can suck it!!! Making the bed is soooo over rated!! I am sure Mav will never have to make his either. I only make it when someone new comes to our house! LOL

sblind2 said...

LOVE this ... I'm right with you about road rage - I not only call them names, but I "talk" to them ... usually it's this "!?!?!?" I don't think I'm ever going to make my kids make their beds, because I always had to make my bed when I was little and now even if I'm running late I feel like I need to make the beds ....

Shannon Q. said...

Loved this! And unfortunately I know what you mean about "people" from your past reading your blog and taking things out of context or using things against you. I feel like I have to be very careful about the words that I use to and the way I depict some of my stories on the blog due to "people" like you mentioned. It's a bummer when you're trying to keep it real on your blog and have to use such caution when sharing things.

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Ah Cass, I love you!!! Like seriously, you're so real and unfiltered. Please don't ever change or compromise who you are for anyone!

Adrien said... it!

I also struggle about what to blog or not to blog...and unfortunately lately it ends up with "Well, I guess I just won't blog today at one's gonna be mad about it!" If it isn't someone judging about what you do it's judging about what you don't do. My biggest fear is coming across as "braggy" in the good times. Sounds weird I know. But I can just see people rolling their eyes, so I back up and delete. Haha. I need to not care so much and just be.

Anonymous said...

I think you are an awesome mom. Honestly one of the most hands on, fun moms I know and I think it's shitty that people put you down and criticize you for being the awesome mom you are. Stella & Henry are obviously loving life. Those two are always happy, loving kids. I don't get to see them as much as I would like, but at Stella's party both Stella & Henry came up to me with big smiles and was loving all over me. Henry wanted to play and Stella just wanted hugs and hugs and hugs. They are both such sweet kids~

and I blame IL drivers daily for my road rage :) they all do the speed limit or 5 under. Do you guys sell cars with gas pedals over there??! :)

Sarah said...

I absolutely love this!! Cassie. You are one hell of a mom. I don't think I have ever seen those babies without big cheezy grins on their faces. Keep being you :)

On another note. I don't make the beds either. What's the point? And I have 0 road rage. But I sure do love to wave real big to people who do hahahaha!!

Melissa said...

I don't make the bed either.

Haters gonna hate.

Kacie Jones said...

Loving this post! I am the same way! I worry too much what others think, but hey, we're human!
As OCD as I am, I don't make my bed either! I never had to when I was a kid either :) ❤️

Beth said...

Girl….I only make the bed when I know people are coming over. I pee in the shower almost daily, and my husband never does…that means I'm the gross one. Oh well. I'm the one who cleans it, I'll pee in it if I want. And we call Sophie our pre-rinse cycle :)

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

I don't make my bed either. And I don't make my kids make their beds either...good god, we are all going to hell!! LOL I love this post because you are absolutely one is perfect!

Ps. I seriously laughed out loud at the "I pee in the shower" tidbit. Ha!!

Katie said...

Doing my monthly blog catch up...and I LOVE this! I think it's so important for people, especially moms, to be upfront and honest about their flaws. It seems like so many moms have this perfection front that they put on and it's hard enough to be a flawed mom without feeling the pressure of measuring up to "perfect" moms. Thanks for being willing to show your imperfections!