Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

happy monday!
oh my goodnesss it feels awesome here in stl today.
like i was sweating.
i have been wanting to sweat for awhile.  ha.  horrible.  but it feels so good.
so much better than being cold.
so the weekend......
friday night jon and i headed to get some fish.
yay for lent!  and it was amazing.
even though i ended up getting shrimp.  ha.
the night ended just hanging out at home going through some new sts items.
saturday morning my dad called and we went to breakfast.
then sts pick ups, some sts modeling and then a pedicure.
jon butchered and brought over a half a hog i bought.
anyone up for some pulled pork?!  lol.
the rest of the night was spent at the sts store.
and it looks amazing!
like not even kidding you i think i swiffered this place five times.
and it could STILL use another cleaning, so much DUST!
and jon and i even did a cute little pinterest project.  
there were a few tears that night.
lack of sleep plus trying to get stuff done.
there will be tears.  lol.
sunday we slept in.  as much as lucy would let us.
then we went to breakfast at ck.
the kids were there with their dad and it was decided to just come and pick them up after breakfast.
you don't have to tell me twice!!
we headed back to the store to clean up some more and finish a few things.
then we headed home for some outside time and some pizza.
the boys took a nap and the girls headed off to target.
with starbucks in hand, per stella's request!
stella asked for an aisle picture.  
not really sure what she is doing here.  lol.
yoga?  intense yoga?
once we got home we meal prepped for the week, played and called it a night.
well kinda, this daylight savings had us all messed up.
what was really 10:30, felt like 9:30 - and everyone was still awake.  lol.
one more team umi zoomi - and we were out.
excited for the nice weather, getting the gator and four wheeler out tonight.
oh yes and the bbq grill!
have a great week!


Anonymous said...

"jon butchered and brought over a half a hog i bought." You bought a hog??! Hmmm

The Pink Growl said...

So excited for STS!!!!!!! So glad you didn't post pictures of the hog....

Amanda aka Manda said...

Stella is too funny! And the STS store looks AMAZING!!!!!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Cass, does Jon's family raise and butcher hogs? Cattle? We've been looking for someone to buy from. The person we used last year is not doing it anymore. If they do, will you pass along some info? If they don't, can they refer someone? Thank you :)

The store looks AMAZING!!! I'm so excited to come on the 22nd!!

And Stella..... you make me laugh silly girl!