Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

holy long weekend.
i'll take another!
we have a lot to catch up on.
let's see Wednesday i worked from home with a sick little boy.
playing one minute
resting the next.
he got much better as the day went on.
daddy picked up S&H later that afternoon and then jon and i headed to Springfield to visit danielle and tate.
with complementary STS coolies of course
we went out that night and saw an 80s band and we had SO much fun!!
thanksgiving morning we were on the road by ten and heading to jon's family thanksgiving.
we visited for a bit and then headed back to town by early afternoon to get S&H.
we hung out at home for a bit and then headed out for another thanksgiving.
not complaining one bit - more turkey please!
henry was in the same boat.  he might have ate his weight in turkey.  lol.
friday jon was off to do some black friday shopping.  and scored a new chair for the living room.
i love it!
we had the tree up by lunch time and then before we knew it we were heading back to Springfield.
why you ask.....??
so momma could buy a new car!  yay!
i just LOVE it!
and so do S&H.
stella's exact words "i didn't know cars had tvs in them!"  lol.
hence they LOVE the DVD player!
saturday we were up early to run some errands and then we headed to jon's parents house to bake Christmas cookies.  and boy did we bake.  but oh my goodness, they are all so so good.
we called it quits on baking at 4:00.  yes, SEVEN hours of baking later and we still weren't done.  lol.
the rest of the night was spent doing nothing and everyone was out early!  PTL.
sunday morning kristen came down early.  she had some crafts burning to be hung/placed in my house.
and i said - yes please!
it's decorated SO CUTE now.  and i am in LOVE with this spoon wreath!!
we headed back out later that afternoon to finish baking cookies and then finished up with dinner there.
and again - home and sleeping early!
back to work this morning after almost a week off and this came on the radio - yay!!
it's officially Christmas time once i hear this song.
have a great week!!


Adrien said...

Aw, Henry must have been feeling a bit better if he ate a bunch of turkey! :) It's crazy how fast your sister's wedding is approaching. It's going to be the New Year before we know it!

Amanda aka Manda said...

So glad H was doing better so quickly! LOVING your new ride! And the spoon wreath! May have to make one of those!