Random Wednesday...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Random Wednesday...

if you are a local - your probably sitting at work talking about how it's going to snow tomorrow.
but if you're like me - you don't believe it.
seriously - i never believe it.
and i'm just going to go ahead and say - it's not happening tomorrow.
anyways... here i go again, acting 72, talking about the weather.
lord help me.

i did my 5 am workout this morning.
after two margs last night - lesson learned the hard way.
never again.

oh and i chopped my hair off last night.  yay!
well erin chopped it off.
mom car - check
mom cut - check
mom jeans - coming to STS soon.  lol.  kidding.....
i seriously LOVE my hair short!

anyone have any good ideas to get kids who have EVERYTHING for Christmas?
seriously - they don't need anything.
they are getting bikes and a puppy.  as of right now - that's it.
i could honestly wrap up all of henry's tractors and he'd be pumped.
or empty boxes and just let them play.  lol.

don't forget st. nick's day is friday - super excited!!
but again - no idea what to get the kids.
mom - might start sticking with your chapstick and gift card tradition....
my kids love them some chapstick.
smoothest lips around i tell you what.

so yes - a ton of randoms.  sorry.
i have so much work to do - see ya tomorrow!


Linda Cassidy said...

cute post, hopped over from the link up, you caught my eye because of your blog title ( which was my post title today)

The Pink Growl said...

YOU ARE GORGEOUS! love your haircut!

Adrien said...

There are lots of kids on my list this year that I'm stumped on. None of them NEED anything and have way too many toys. Some ideas I've had are a kid's magazine subscription - the gift that a gives all year long, haha. A membership to a local kid's place, like the zoo or the Magic House. Craft kits, movie tickets…just anything that won't get tossed in the toy box. :D

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love your hair!!!

And chapstick is ALWAYS a good thing!

Jackie said...

Never would have guess you had to Margs last night....you looked strong when I seen you! Love your hair cut...super cute!!!
All day yesterday we went through Loreli's room and got rid of some toys....since Santa is coming and he may bring new ones. The toys she doesn't want anymore are going to someone who doens't have as many has her!....She loved it and was super excited to tell dad what she was doing when he got home!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

LOVE the hair! Bikes and a puppy? You are going to have some happy babies on Christmas morning!

Kim Luke said...

mom jeans to STS. NO. unless you're buying them. lol

love the cut!

I'm right there with you with NO idea what to get the kids for Christmas!!!

Sarah said...


ALso I don't believe about the weather either! I mean a snow day would be amazing, but I am not counting those chickens before they hatch!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

Does St Nick come Thursday night/Friday morning or Friday night/Saturday morning?? I get so confused!! LOL

And I LOVE your hair! It is super cute!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was going to do anything today either. At least not stick to the streets because it was 60 frickin 5 yesterday!! But work parking lot was a sheet of ice when I came in. My heart was pounding scooting across that! hahah

Love the hair cut! I like your hair that length.