Weekend Wrap Up!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

holy smokes - long time no blog.
let's see......
wednesday night we set up for the STS fashion show.
whew - we had SO much stuff.
including goodie bags for everyone!!
thank you again to jon for labeling 100 chapsticks......
we looked back and thought we have SO MUCH STUFF!!  ahhhh.
thursday i worked a half day and then headed to the weingarten for the big night!!
125 tickets were sold - and it SOLD OUT!
and the fashion show was AMAZING!!
(steibel girls love STS!)
and guess what - we got it all on video for you.
kim and i thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for making this event so incredibly successful for us.
kim even cried when it started.
i loved it!!!
best part of the night!
of course when i got home it was time for some celebratory dancing.
couch jumping style.
pants optional.  lol.
friday was sleep in day!  YAY!
well, kind of.  aunt lacie spent the night with us and it's like the kids just know.
so up early we were.  lol.  and of course, headed to CK.
and then early afternoon i left for nashville.
with S&H in the hands of my sisters.
ha - jk jk.  they did awesome!!
my mom came over to help friday night.  they got dicarlos (stella's FAVORITE) and headed to the lighted parade.
henry - obviously would have rather stayed home.  he didn't get the we love parades gene....
i think there might be a small smile in there buddy!!
stella - PUMPED!  yes!
while they were off having a blast, kim and i had just pulled into our hotel in nasvhille and we were greeted by some amazing bloggers/new friends/girls ready to party!!
we were starving and thirsty - so straight downtown we went.
dick's last resort never disappoints.
and neither do their margs.  my first one, and it won't be my last.  SO GOOD!
after dinner we headed to Tootsie's.  it was their 53rd birthday and they had bands every where.
i love me a good street band!!  we danced and danced.
and i cassie, am going to admit i had a 4 AM night for the first time in a LONG TIME!
which resulted in not getting out of bed until 2:00 on saturday.
oh my goodness and i LOVED IT!
not ashamed one bit.  i needed it.
early evening we headed to the Opryland Hotel to see Christmas lights!
ahhh - it was amazing - so beautiful!
and then grabbed dinner and drinks.
boy do i have a weakness for christmas lights!!
it was crazy cold out and there was no way we were line dancing in the street that night.
so we headed to the store, and partied it up in the hotel room.
it was a much earlier night that night.  PTL.
we were up and on the road by 9:00 on sunday.
and home sweet home by 1:30.
S&H were with my sister's at the steibel thanksgiving where this happened.
i just love it!
by 3:00 we were all reunited and it felt so good!
especially when you hear your kids say - mom i missed you so much!!
the three of us skipped naps and played all night long.
and now today, i need another vacation day.  ha.
i just keep telling myself only three work days this week, just three, i can do this.
have a great week!!


Kim Luke said...

love it all so much!!! even cried watching the video again. Lol!

That last picture, omg- so cute!!!! Impressed they got all the kids to stand still for a picture! Props!

Sarah said...


I wanna BLATE again!!! :)

The Pink Growl said...

awww I love the video! You guys have done such an amazing job with STS, I'm SO proud!!!! Love you!

Crystal L said...

Absolutely love the last picture!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

The fashion show was so much fun. My favorite part, besides shopping was when Carla flipped her sweater off of her shoulders to make it a scoop neck. Dang girl worked it like a pro, lol. You girls are doing such a phenomenal job! Congrats!!!

Your weekend with the girls sounds like a good time was had by all. I love the pics of the Christmas lights. So pretty!! And to be welcomed home by your two smiling faces and to be missed so much.... ahhh, melt your heart!

Thank you sooo much for the pecans and the vest! Have a great "short" week ;-) XOXO

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Sooo excited for you and Kim and the STS success!!!

I was totally IG stalking all of you this weekend pretending I was there...LOL!!

Anonymous said...

:) glad the fashion show went SO amazingly well!! Cnngrats girls!

Amanda aka Manda said...

So happy for you and Kim and the amazing success of STS! Had such an amazing time with you this weekend! And so glad S&H had a great weekend too! That nativity picture is just the cutest!!!

Jackie said...

Yay for new friends :)

Adrien said...

Yay, I was hoping that you guys had gotten a video of the fashion show! :) Great job!

Love all the of the pictures, and especially the last one. ;)