Thoughts Lately...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thoughts Lately...

not going to lie.  i don't have shit to blog about lately.
just a hodge podge of thoughts that if i tried to make them into one blog post, you'd fall asleep.
so i thought hell, let's put them all in one post.
and pray to god you stay awake!
true that.

ps - pinterest.  does anyone get on there anymore?
i feel like i never do.
weird.  i use to pin stuff every day.

i really want to have a kids christmas party.
just like my friends/bloggers/anyone with a kid(s) bring over their kids and they stay too!
they do like a craft or something.
the moms bring cute pinterest-y foods.
MAYBE santa could come.
yeah - yeah - who wants to do this?! 

and at time i wish i did a friends-giving.
but then i'd have to cook thanksgiving food.
and that's for like REAL adults.
and i just can't do that....
i do make a mean pecan pie though.

oh shit, here we go again talking about pecans.....

one of these will be in my room soon.
eeeee - that JH he's one handy handy guy.

speaking of ole JH - today is his birthday!!
yes, that means i am older than him.
and wiser.
ha - kidding!!
how cute is this picture from us in PRESCHOOL!
yes, that's right.  i have know this kid for quite some time.
and it's been pretty great :)

now since you got a good blog shout out, how about starting on that master closet remodel?!

oh and i need some jewelry display things.
or even like those heads to model items on.
anyone, anyone?!
i'll trade you for some pecans - bahaha.  kidding.  i'll pay for them.
unless you want pecans.  seriously.

see what i mean - modge podge.
more like conversations i have with myself on a regular basis.
and i'm ok with this.

ANYWAYS - wish jon a happy birthday will ya!!
and let me know about that santa party - i'm serious here ladies!!



Amanda aka Manda said...

A friends-giving sounds awesome! And when Jon is finished at your house, send him my way!


Anonymous said...

I'm never on Pinterest anymore.

My brother & SIL have made Thanksgiving dinner two years in a row now now. I told them last year that they were REAL adults for doing all that.

I have plans of a big mirror in our room too, but we don't have walls yet :(


Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Umm, am I out of the loop? Who is this mystery man that builds mirrors?

Shannon Snodgrass said...

I think the kid's Christmas party would be so much fun! Santa + some 2 year(+) old kids might be pretty entertaining... bahahahaha!

mmmmm... pecan pie!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON!!!! Love the preschool pic. Y'all are just too damn sweet ;-)

The Pink Growl said...


Adrien said...

I am so intimated by cooking Thanksgiving food…that's why I am in charge of the cranberry sauce. Easily the simplest thing on the table - even from scratch. :)

I do love the idea of having that party! But it might take a small miracle to get everyone's calendars to coordinate in December, haha. We would definitely try our best to be there!