Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

hey guys!
hope you all survived the crazy weather we had yesterday.
holy smokes.
#youknowyouareanoldladywhen #talkingabouttheweather
seriously 27 has hit me like a 72 year old.
what is wrong with me!
THANK GOODNESS i have a girls weekend planned in NASHVILLE this weekend!
that's right!!

ahhhhh - let's try to focus and get through the week.
because lawd it's a busy one.

so first, the weekend.
because we all know ashley's monday isn't complete without hearing about my weekend.  lol.
after work on friday i swung by the mall.
not even kidding you, since being a part of STS and getting my LeTote box, you do not see me at the mall.
but jon's birthday is tomorrow and i needed to get my shop on.  so i did.
and it felt so good!!
once i got into town we ordered some dicarlos pizza and my booty didn't leave the couch!
well, wait, it did one time to check the mail and find THIS!
how awesome is this STS customer - who i totally think deserves to be called a friend!
she left these bags for kim and i on my front porch.
and then i'm pretty sure i was sleeping around 9....
like i said, 72, NOT 27....
saturday morning i was up to work at ck.
got home and got ready for more shopping once jon got off work.
i recently became the owner of some AMAZING STS fleece leggings.
not even kidding you - get some - in every color.  SO comfy!
like slipping your legs into a silky sweathshirt or something.
HOWEVER - looks like i need to invest in a piko or something.
i sent kim this picture with the hashtags #leggingsarenotpants #coveryourcrotch
words to live by people - words to live by.
we finished the night with froyo.  and the world was a better place.
sunday was cassie day.  oh and it felt good.
i slept in until about nine.  that's because someone was knocking on my door.
and you can bet my naked ass i didn't get up to see who it was.
i couldn't go back to sleep so i started cleaning.  i tried heading to waterloo but jesus there was a CRAZY storm.  so i let it ride out and then later headed that way.
i went to rural king.  and i believe i said this last year, but anything my children want for christmas CAN and WILL be found at rural king.  lol. #noshame
i even found this - at RURAL KING!
i am SO excited for december 1st!!
and before i knew it S&H were back and we headed to dq for some ice cream.
dressed like this:
winter hat - check
mittens - check
shorts - check
lol - but man she's so CUTE!

we finished up the evening playing hair and nail salon and making goodie bags for STS.
happy everyone!


Amanda aka Manda said...

All in all, it sounds like a good weekend!! I love Rural King too. You'd be amazed what you can find there!

Glad y'all didn't get hit by too bad of storms. Can't wait to see you FRIDAY!!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

LOL... I agree, cover your crotch when wearing leggings! The same reason I believe men should never, I repeat NEVER EVER wear sweatpants in public! Like EVER! haha ;-)

Adrien said...

Well poop, now blogger has decided not to show me your blog updates. I was thinking there was no way you hadn't blogged the last few days…

Anyway, yay for the elf on the shelf! So much fun! Hehe.

Anonymous said...

That was SO sweet of whoever dropped off those bags. They are cute too!

Stella :)

Rachel S said...

I love those bags, I use them for my store too!! Sounds like a good weekend!