Tuesday, November 26, 2013


stealing this from my girl nikki since my three day work week now just turned into a one and a half day work week.  welcome the "sick bug" to our house.  boo!
no one slept good last night.  and henry only made it two hours at the baby sitter.
send some healthy vibes our way please and thank you.
on to the post.

listening to.... compass by lady a.
i didn't get into it at first but now when i hear it on the radio, instant car concert.

drinking.... water, water and more water.
momma needs to get back on the healthy train.
i freak when my pee gets too yellow.
tmi - yes.  anyways....

reading... blogs.  i could honestly read them all day.

feeling... excited.  starting a new workout program.  sts has some exciting stuff up their sleeves.
christmas is going to be great this year.  life is just good.

weather... freaking cold!  but do you think i am wearing a jacket?  bahaha.  nope.
PTL for STS scarves!

wanting.... to decorate for christmas.  but i will NOT do it before thanksgiving.
will not.  come on friday.  we are so ready!!
and our elf on the shelf has been named.  after a long talk about how his name can't be - elf of the shelf, stella settled for totes.  her choice, not mine.  it was just better than elf on the shelf.  ayi.

thinking.... holy smokes my sister is getting married in ONE MONTH!!

enjoying.... even though i am home sick with henry today, the one on one time is nice :)

have a great tuesday!!
wish me luck - tomorrow i am trying a new workout.


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Booo - hope the cold bug leaves your house quickly!! That is such a pitiful little face!!

Yellow Pee is disgusting!! Nikki and I should include you in our pee texts. LOL

Can Lady A make a bad song? I think not!!

Anonymous said...

aww poor Henry :(

love me some Compass.

The Pink Growl said...

Tell me about this new workout plan!! I hope baby H feels better, although he's awfully cute with his sicky face. TOTES hahaha

Sarah said...

aww poor bebeh!! I hope he feels better! I am not wearing my coat either, i usually feel too claustrophobic when i drive & wear one!!!

I wanna hear about the new workout program!!

Jackie said...

Tomorrow morning is gonna be great! Can't wait!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love your Elf's name! I hope Henry gets to feeling better soon! And I agree, PTL for STS scarves!!

Adrien said...

Aw…I hope you are all well for Thanksgiving! I love your elf's name, hahaha.

I got excited when I saw your blogpost pop up in my newsfeed again…then I just realized this was from yesterday. Gosh dang.