Five on Friday!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday!

hellooooooooo friday!
let's get right too it!
no negative, no boohoo, just good stuff from the week.

i am LOVING these bubble neckalces we have for STS!
seriously i selfied every single color the other morning.  ha.
and i just wanted to wear of them!
come on monday baby!!

the new iOS 7 update.
did it last night.
already in love.
i'm sure my kids will be able to figure out all the new things faster than me though....
seriously i think all the time how in like ten years they will probably look back and laugh at the iphone.
you know?  because we all look back and laugh at the razor phone that everyone HAD to have.

there's a little boy i know sporting some thomas undies this week.
i know, i know, potty talk.  NO ONE enjoys it.
but man, he looked cute in them!

decorating for fall!!!
we got some pumpkins from a guy at work.
we had left over straw bails from henry's party.
and my dad brought over cornstalks the other night.
needless to say we have jumped on the "come on fall!" bandwagon.
now the pumpkin patch in town just needs to open!

my newest Le Tote arrival.  in love!  have you signed up yet?!
coming home to good fun mail yesterday was exactly what i needed.
ok and i always love mail on thursdays because the newspaper comes.  ha.  #lame

looking forward to the awesome weather this weekend!!
enjoy every second of it.  see ya monday!


Adrien said...

We're loving the update, too!

Yay for Fall things! Maybe we'll run into you guys at Pumpkin Blossom Hill. We'll probably be there multiple times this year, haha. ;)

Anonymous said...

I like that color bubble necklace.
You've been wearing your hair down a lot more lately. Looks good!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I love bubble necklaces! Can't wait to see more from STS! H sure does look cute in those undies. I can't wait to see pictures of all your fall decorations bc it sounds like it's going to be beautiful! And yay for happy mail days!

The Pink Growl said...

I have 4 bubble necklaces and I love them too! So easy to accessorize! I haven't done the update yet...I've been putting it off. I guess I'll cave and do it this weekend.

Myssie Pillers said...

Yay for Fall!! Love the necklace! You know, I have 2 bubble necklaces and I have only wore 1, one time...I have big boob problems and think that all that bubble is a bit much. Ha! I love the color of the one you have on, it looks great on you! and woohoo for undies! I really need to get it in gear and train Charlotte...but that girl is a hot mess and I know it is going to be a challenge. I hope it goes easily for Henry!

Musings of a Childless Mama said...

My lil nphw loves anything THOMAS too:) He is already potty trained, and he is just over two. Crazy!! Your children are adorable! Not sure if I can pull off a bubble necklace:) It looks cool, though.