Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

oh my goodness this weather.  i am in LOVE!!
like it was 40 something this morning when i woke up.
did i want to get out of bed?  absolutely not.  ha.
with the windows open and just that fresh fall air.  ahhhh.  happy cassie.
on to the weekend.
Sami's Shenanigans
i ran by Creative Bent on my way home from work Friday to pick up my order.
look at this.  i mean that boy.  just too too cute.
when i got home there was a package of 23 pounds of STS scarves waiting for me.
and well, jon was there waiting for me too.  WITH a freshly cooked pota chill.
night = made.
but wait, there's more.  jon's parents came over for dinner and then we played cards for a good couple hours.  and then finished the night with some dirt dessert.
yep, who is jealous!?!
saturday morning i got to sleep in until about 9.  refreshed!
a cute little model came over to take some STS pictures and then i headed out to meet my favorite nenninger girls for some food and shopping.
and oh my did i shop.  scored a TON of under armor little boys clothes.  which are adorable.  like seriously shirts and shorts for like $4!
AND scored some new bowls and plates.  because i have to admit i totally live college style with my bowls and plates.  time to grow up cassie.  ayi.  but now i am.  and they are adorable!  originally $9 and i got them for $1.89.  deals deal deals.
i also scored these babies for danielle's wedding.
originally $89.99 for them for 18 bones.  boom
after a ton of shopping i headed back home for another dinner with the hellers.
it's totally pota season.
you know, when you make a pota this and a pota that.
saturday night was a pota homemade chicken noodle soup.  oh em gee.  it was good.
the night ended with more cards and more dirt dessert.
rough life i tell ya.
sunday morning i was up early to work at ck.  we were busy and it was great!
after work i headed home to clean house and work on some stuff for danielle's shower.
i headed to get S&H from their dad's house and we went on a walk with nana and played at her house for a bit.  this picture cracks me up.  i put it on IG with the caption "They call me Joe."
get it, like Joseph.  oh i crack myself up.....
why nana has a cane at her house we are yet to figure out....
we also rocked some awesome glasses that nana had too.  and we are pretty sure we need these for danielle's nye wedding.  what do you think?  in red, with 2014.  yes!
we finished off the night with dinner, baths and our new awesome jammies from aunt danielle!
happy weekend!


Amanda aka Manda said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! Especially all those shopping deals!

Anonymous said...

dirt dessert?
cute shoes!
That last picture of Henry made me laugh.

Kacie said...

Those P.J.'s...love!

Adrien said...

It took me forever to figure out what a "pota" was. Baha. Duh, Adrien.

Fun weekend! Love all of the pictures. :)