Out On the Town

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Out On the Town

here's another song that you can say, you heard first right here on this ole blog.
i love me some Fun.
their CD is pretty amazing.  like no joke.  i love every song.
well, until real radio gets ahold of their song and it's RUINED in a week because you have heard it 238398 in.one.day.  why do radio stations think this is ok?
and this my friends is why i subscribe to Sirius satellite radio.
ok yeah and i'm in the car for almost 2.5 hours a DAY!
real radio would have given my grays by now.  lol.
so they don't have a real music video out for this song yet, but hello, you know you would have looked up the lyrics ANYWAYS.... so you are welcome.
pretty sweet jam if i do say so myself.

happy thursday!


Amanda aka Manda said...

LOVE that song!

Katie said...

Love Fun! And this song :) Have you heard any songs by The Format? Their lead singer sang for them first. I love his voice!