Random Wednesday

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Wednesday

linking up with my go to fashion girl shanna for some randomness today.
let's get to it:

**first things first, a big happy birthday to my dad today!!
and a happy fifth birthday to our favorite little ali!!
we will gladly come and celebrate and eat ice cream with any of you tonight.
just give us a call :)

**so, my daughter literally used the word pinterest in a sentence last night.
bahaha - i lost it.  cassie, you know you have an obsession when....
i had just taken a picture of her and she asked if i was putting that on pinterest.
what?  hilarious.

**speaking of this hilarious little daughter of mine.....
i have never seen someone MORE excited about a leg tattoo in my life.
this is all she has talked about.  thanks nana for bringing some tattoos over last night.
she even woke up this morning talking about it.  she was SO happy it made it through the night without coming off.  and yes, don't you worry, mommy is supporting one too.  right on my arm.  hot.
not sure what the deal is with that pose she has going on.... lol.

**oh and complete randomness, i have a BUNCH of 18 month boy clothes if anyone is interested.
message me and i can send you pictures!

**speaking of boy - this little boy of mine LOVED him some spaghetti squash last night.
got the recipe from my co-workers blog here.
try it TONIGHT.  it was amazing.  and so so easy!!

**and since we are talking about this boy and food.
look at his new trick.  he's so proud of himself and he just laughs and laughs.
and then yes, eats the pretzel.  yummy!!

**so there's a BIG chance stripes might be going on my walls this weekend.  i have become a BIT obsessed with them lately.  i have read one too many tutorials about them and even had one dream about them.
ayi.  but i am determined and SO excited!! 
and yes i promise an updated house tour video soon.  HOPEFULLY this weekend!

**speaking of this weekend i have a date with a girl.  ha.  kidding it's not a date. 
but i am having dinner with a single working mom on friday and i am SO excited!
someone to relate with.  ahhh - to not feel alone.  any other single working moms out there wana join?
i'm sure we have PLENTY to talk about.

cheers to wednesday - we are half way there!
PS - how is tomorrow august 1st already?!


Adrien said...

Mmm...we love spaghetti squash here, too! I'll never forget the first time Evelyn asked me if I was going to be blogging that day, haha. It's so funny to here our kids talk about stuff we do on the internet! :D

Happy Birthday to your dad!

sblind2 said...

I'm doing stripes in our living room and the babies room ... I'm doing the flat/glossy finish look - super excited and super nervous!! I sent Matt a link to "research" so we don't mess it up!

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

good luck with the stripes! I am so scared of them. I am however, painting some wood pallets to turn them into a bed frame! diy holler at me !! : )

The Pink Growl said...

How about single non-moms??? Or fur moms?? haha! I love Henry's feed himself with his feet trick, I'm gonna need him to teach me that! My daddy's birthday is Friday and happy bday to yours!

Kimberly Nagel said...

haha Kayden wouldnt let my put fake tats on him until I did it first. I rocked an ENTIRE sleeve of cars characters.... still wouldnt put one on. I think he just wanted me to look like an idiot. Wore that sleeve proud to work at Hot Shots when I worked there though.... lots o tips! lol