Five on Friday

Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday

happy friday!
a part of me feels like this week flew by.  i like it!
S&H head to daddy's for the weekend and my weekend list looks something like this:
i need to do a good deep clean and wash everyone's bed sheets.
why do clean bed sheets just make everyone happier?  i mean, they really do.
laying down in them it's like ahhhh - this feels good.
ok, wait, now where were we.......
on to my five on friday
ok, well back to bed sheets.  ha.
i bought a brand new bed spread at target this week and i am in love.
thank you threshold.  i swear i slept better this week because of them!
i literally went into target for a card for my dad's birthday and starburts for my candy jar at work.
and i left with a new bed spread.  and the card and candy.
why does that little five dollar trip you have "planned" never works out.
damn you target!  but i love you so....

this is happening this weekend too.
well, this is my inspiration at least.  fingers crossed.
jon is being awesome and priming everything today.  thank you so much!
then we got a handy laser level and tape stripes will be happening next!  YAY!
how am i 26 and excited about a laser level and painting stripes in my house?!

i got to have livers and gizzards last night at susie's.
i mean i know i'm a girl, but damn susie's has some amazing livers and gizzards.
i said it.  i ate it.  and it was SO SO good.

stella wanted to start a countdown for when school starts.  we pretty much talk about it every day on the way to connie's.  and just uttering the number chokes me up.
whew - we can do this, we can do this.
10 days until open house.
19 days until school starts......

i found this on pinterest the other day and even though i don't have a husband i think it's a great reminder no matter what type of relationship you have.
i constantly look back and think of things i would have changed or done differently but the past is the past and i can't change it.  i can only strive to make my future better.

have a great weekend!!
taking any volunteers to help paint.  ha.


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I can't wait to see your stripes!!!! Love that last one so true in every relationship!!!


The Pink Growl said...

I don't even know what livers & gizzards are...sounds...interesting? Love those wall stripes! You are all over these DIY home projects! I love it!

Anonymous said...

fresh bed sheets ahhh they make me smile.

1. I thought you put you got Starbucks not Starbursts for you candy jar. (I try to read as fast as you talk hahah)

2. Livers and Gizzards. I actually gagged when I read this. I haven't, but I can't. I just can't.

3. I was going to ask in the email earlier how much longer until Stella started school, but I didn't want to make you cry at work. Glad I can come here and find out! Sounds like she is really ready for school to start!!! You can do this mom!! Happy faces

Anonymous said...

Livers & gIzzards.. Yum yum. Sad I had to miss that. Katie. I agree with you I had to reread the starburst also.


Shannon Snodgrass said...

Happy Friday!!!

First, I can't wait to see how your stripes turn out. I LOVE stripes. If you know me, you know this is an understatement!! Seriously, I need help. Just look in my closet!

Second, the thought of livers and gizzards make me want to vomit. Sorry!

Third, totally agree with the Hints for a Happy Marriage. One of my "must haves" is eating dinner together. No phones, no tv's, no nothing. Just a family sitting down, eating together which always leads to a great conversation afterwards that can sometimes last for hours. Another one of my "must haves" that is not listed but I STRONGLY believe is that a husband & wife should go to bed together. At the end of your busy day, it's a time to unwind and reconnect. Especially if you have children. I also love #4. Looking for more of that when Scott starts his new job next week.

P.S. HOUSE TOUR PLEASE!!! :)) Have a great weekend, XO

Cassie said...

lacie - YES!!

shannon - the world NEEDS MORE shannon's. spot on sister!! i saw a girl on IG posted a picture of her gma and gpa. it was her gpa's 80th something birthday and she said he has taken her gma on a date once a week single they have been together. i melted. THAT my friends is how you do it!

Musings of a Childless Mama said...

I love clean sheets! I agree...clean sheet day is the best!!! I hope you have a great wknd getting stuff done. Gizzards and liver?? I have had liver, but not gizzards. I hope it was good!