Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

this post should really be called, the weekend i did nothing but paint.
but man all that paint PAID off!
literally i did nothing besides paint all weekend.  am i the coolest 26 year old you know or what?
yes, be jealous of this WILD life i live.  lol.
on to the weekend....
friday S&H went to their dad's.
i came home to find jon had literally all of the painting almost done.  i helped him finish and was ready to put some tape on the walls and get our stripes on, but he laid down the law and said no we HAVE to let this paint dry for 24 hours.  and we all know how well i deal with patience....
my dinner plans got cancelled so there i sat on the kitchen floor with nothing to do for the evening.
and then i just started ripping off the wall paper trim in the kitchen.
next thing we knew we were at home depot buying stuff to install board and batten in the kitchen.
we used Young House Love's tutorial and it was SO EASY!!  and CHEAP!
so friday night was spent installing that.
saturday morning i got up and worked at ck and came home and starting priming all of the new board and batten in the kitchen.
here's just a sneak peak before priming.  i will post more on that tomorrow.
this is with the wall paper trim gone and the board and batten installed.
once jon got off work and to my house and it had been 24 hours since we had primed for the stripes we were READY TO TAPE!!  wooooohooooo!!
ok i am just going to admit - getting started is stressful.  at least it was for us.  ha.  but once that first stripe is on and painted and you see how AMAZING it looks, you just get more and more ambition to keep on taping and painting!!
at this point i was like.......
 #*(@$&)(#*$#*&($&#* these stripes!
and by this point i was like....
oh stripes, i love you, you are perfect.  so amazing.  marry me!
like not even kidding you.  pulling off that tape and seeing this.  the clean lines.  ahh, everything!  i could have cried i was so happy.  ok, not that dramatic but it's like ahhhhhh - it looks SO GOOD!!
and then by this point i was just ready to paint the whole house in stripes!
however jon gave me the evil eye of, not going to happen.  ha.
HOWEVER - he did agree to just ONE striped wall in the living room.  HOLLA!
ok so my tips for painting stripe walls.  first off don't be scared.  literally this project took us about four hours that night.  not too bad.  BUY A LASER LEVEL.  as you can see in the first picture that red line is coming from the laser level that suctioned to the wall.  and we just taped right under the line.  SO EASY!  and buy GOOD tape.  that $12 frog tape hurts the pocket book, but we didn't have a single bad line.  and i truly believe it was because of the frog tape.  and have a lot of patience!
oh and the best trick i learn from pinterest.  this is for textured walls.  because these walls were textured.  paint a little bit of your base color over the tape line of where you stripe color is going to go.  the base color acts as a barrier so the stripe color doesn't seep through.  genius!
ok so sunday morning this was the full monty.  is all her beautiful glory!  happy cassie!
i mean - seriously.  i love!
so after i laid on the floor for about an hour admiring these stripes.  i put my paint clothes back on and tackled the kitchen.  jon's mom came over to help so i could finish up before the kids came home.
all the trim is done i think we just need to roll on another coat on the walls.  so fingers crossed that gets done tonight!  YAY!!
once S&H were back home we ate dinner, played outside for a bit and then Stella wanted to do some dished.  Henry got jealous so i said here, please, wash these too.  ha.  literally a good half hour of washing dishes was done by these two.  lol.  who needs toys!
and then papa called and wanted DQ and we couldn't refuse!
henry totally stole papa's ice cream cone and thought he was hot stuff!!
so there you go, i painted a lot, it all paid off, and any weekend that ends with ice cream is a good weekend in my book!
and a huge thank you to jon for all of his hard work.  none of these projects would be possible without you.  you have more patience with me than anyone i know.  you may think my projects are crazy but at the end of each one you say, this was a great idea.  and i smile and say to myself, 'i told you!"  lol.  kidding.  but seriously, having someone who is ready to jump on board and help me with anything i ask, and never put my ideas down or make fun of them, oh my gosh, i have never had that.  and it's SO NICE!
so again, thank you!  now, how about that total bathroom gut job??  lol.  kidding!!
have a great week!
ps - i really hope i typed stripe and not strip anywhere in the post.  i have checked and checked again.  ha.


Adrien said...

I love all of the projects! I can't wait to see how the board and batten turns out! :) That paint tip for clean lines (awesome!) originated on pinterest from House of Hepworths -do you follow her blog? You totally should!

Anonymous said...

The stripes look SO good!! really liking the color.

Can't wait to see the board & batten in the kitchen.

You are checking off your pinterest board ideas left and right!!

Jon :) such a good guy!

matching camo shirts Stella's idea?!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I AM OBSSESSED with your stripes!!! Once I seen it on IG I was trying to figure out where I can do them in my house! NO lie!

The Pink Growl said...

love love love it! I have been wanting to do these stripes in my bathroom...but I just can't ever get around to actually DOING it.

Sarah said...

omg!! i love it!!! What a good guy jon is, i'd love to know more about him ;)

Looks like a productive weekend!!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

WOW!! You are so talented. I am absolutely love the walls. Great job!