What Inspires You?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Inspires You?

hey guys - i'm alive.  just stressed to the max and back.
like not even kidding you.
you know when you are like my life is so boring and then knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, 32498239048 opportunities come knocking at your door and you are like ahhhhh.
ok, well maybe not that intense, but that's how i feel right now.
i just want them all to go away so i can sit down and have some wine and try to decide.
and cry.  because god knows i cry.  whew.  i feel extremely fortunate to have these opportunities, i am just trying to figure out what it is i am supposed to do.  lord help me!

on to something else......
people ask all the time, how do you know what to blog about?
trust me, i don't.  usually it's just off the top of my head.  and it's random.  sometimes boring.  sorry.
or it comes out of my children's mouth.  like no joke, my daughter told me she wanted a leg tattoo yesterday on the way home.  i think that's a blog post in itself.  AYI!
so let's get to it:
Helene in Between

of course most of my posts are about my kids.
because they are of course, my life.
like seriously did i have one before them, because i don't remember it.
nor do i want to.  i write about them because they make me happy.  they make me proud.  they make me love in a new way every day.  and look at the world in an entirely different perspective.
they make me want to be a better person, and i want to be a better person for them.
i want to do nothing but give them the best life.  and a really nice car when they turn 16.
ha - kidding.  kinda.  as long as they have a job.  and good grades.  and aren't dating idiots.
that's all i ask.  and then you can have whatever car your heart desires (and fits in my budget).
but seriously, sorry if you don't have kids and you don't get it.  come back and read this blog from the beginning once you have kids.  you'll get it.  and you'll thank me.

other bloggers.
like no joke, i have probably ten girls i can now call my "friends" because of blogging.  girls i text on the regular.  IG with.  tweet with. girls i'm FB friends with.  girls who i feel like i really know.  and i relate with.  cry with.  laugh with.  ahhhh - it's just the most amazing thing ever.  and because of them i want to come back every day and post more and more.  blogging truly is the best thing ever!

my house.
oh this cute little hot mess of a house.
i love you and want to ring your next all in the same day.
ayi.  either i am the most gullible person ever or the previous owners were DAMN good sales people.
i think god said, yes cassie you can have this house, but i will teach you new things about it every day.
oh thank you god, you didn't have to.  really!

let's just all take a moment and thank god for pinterest.  we are all different people because of it.

my family.
at the end of the day they are all that matter.  we are a close bunch and i love it.
i am extremely thankful for it and wouldn't be who i am today without them.
and i wouldn't have really awesome pictures to share on the world wide web.

if you are thinking about starting a blog and you are sitting there saying, i have no idea what i would write about.  you're not alone.  do it.  you will figure it out.  you won't get comments on every post.  and who cares.  i don't get comments on every post.  but once i hit publish and it's out there.  i feel great.  whether it was a rant, a bitch session, a cry session, a pity session, a i have the best life, kids, family session, who cares.  do it.  it's a whole new world out there and it's worth it!

happy Wednesday!
i'm off to enjoy this AMAZING weather.  is it October to July?  because it's awesome right now.
lunch on the patio is calling my name!  see ya!


Helene said...

Love it, family and those close to you are wonderful sources of inspiration!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!

Anonymous said...

I need to be filled in on your life ASAP! Or when you get a chance hahah

leg tattoo??! hahah ohhh Stella!

Adrien said...

It's true - I wish everyone blogged! Hitting "publish" is the best feeling some days. :)

I hope you get some clarity on your decisions and that your house doesn't come with any more surprises!

The Pink Growl said...

Stella wants a leg tat!?!?! HAHA! Hilarious! I love those things on Pinterest where kids say funny things. You should do one! Do you need a phone chat to vent/cry? We can make that happen this weekend if you do! Love you girl!!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Totally agree...everyone should blog even if just for themselves!!


Kacie said...

I hope everything is ok and you're able to make the decisions you need to make!
A leg tattoo??? What? That girl cracks me up!
I don't have kids, but love reading about them and how much you love them! It makes me so happy:)

Kim Luke said...

Still tear up every time I think about it. Seriously. I think I changed my answer on what I think you should do.

I would like to be present when Stella gets this tattoo!!