Weekend Wrap Up!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

hi guys!  sorry about the lack of posts last week.
let's just say when someone throws the words "hey wana move to seattle, washington" in your face and then throws a significant amount of money behind it - blog life gets put on hold and real life SMACKS you in the face.  and we all know i don't do well with change, and honestly at the end of the day you can't put a price on family.  and they are my ultimate #1 at all times.
so yes, i politely declined, and went home and hugged my babies tighter than ever.
and then headed to the fair and took a PTO day on friday.
so let's wrap up.....
thursday was arm band night at the fair.
so we pulled out of john deer t-shirts and slapped down our $20 for an arm band and then, yep, stella refused to ride a single ride.
but don't you worry, we have this waiting in line thing down GOOD!  ha, no joke we waited in about 4 lines and we'd get right up to get on the ride and freak out.  not happening.  great.
so off to see the animals we went.  we found gma and gpa steibel and some other family members and we really enjoyed the night.  we even found stella's BFF at Connie's, Ava.  she is just the cutest.
we literally were at the fair for like four hours.  didn't leave until almost 8:30!
by that time i didn't care about the $20 we wasted on the damn arm band, overall we had a great night!
friday morning we all slept in, thank you fair!
then we met jon and riley for breakfast at CK.  papa passed while we were walking in and he stopped too!
after that we headed to take abbie to the groomers and then to meet Lacie and Phil!!!
we were SO excited to see our favorite texans back home (even if it was just for the weekend).
the rest of the day was spent with family.  we took some late afternoon naps and i cooked up a big mexican fiesta!  aunt danielle came in town and then nana and jon came over and we went to town on the food!
saturday morning S&H slept in AGAIN!  holla!  we met papa and aunt lacie for breakfast at CK.  of course.  lol.  and then headed back home to play for a bit.  aunt lacie and phil came over later and we headed out to the heller's to do some swimming.  stella couldn't wait to show everyone how well she could swim!!
once everyone was swimmed out we headed home to get ready for the big rocher picnic.  the best part about the picnic (besides the amazing food) was the FOUR bounce houses they have.
S&H were in LOVE!!  happy happy babies.
dear bounce houses, thank you, my children slept in SUPER late on sunday.
thank you, thank you, thank you!  seriously!
sunday was a chill day.  late breakfast, we said our goodbyes to lacie and phil and then just played for awhile.  danielle and i took on the gold dot wall in stella's room and I AM IN LOVE!!
it looks SO SO good.  thank you again danielle.  and thank you, walls need love!
later that afternoon we were ready to get out of the house so we headed back out for more swimming and then hung around for a delicious bbq with the hellers.
with that busy of a weekend it left us all feeling just like this today:
ha - S&H did NOT want to get up today.  sleepy babies.
hope you all had a great weekend!


Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks/sounds like an amazing weekend!

Adrien said...

What a fun weekend! The weather was awesome for all of the outdoor fun. :) Love the wall!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Aww Cassie, the hubby and I just had this conversation 2 days ago where I explained money isn't everything. I agree, family is the ultimate #1!!! Could we have "more" if I made a different choice? Yes but we have plenty and I'm thankful for that. Would I... would we be happy? Absolutely NOT!! Life is all about choices. Decision made, moving on... happily :)

Love the tractor photos! They made me laugh. Your description of waiting for the rides.... hilarious! Stella's wall is cute, cute, cute!!

Have a great week, XO

P.S. Glad you decided to stay :)

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Wait...what?? Seattle? I must hear more on this but so glad you are staying..that means you are closer to vist! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE Stella's wall!! I have been thinking about doing this if Baby H is a girl...so you must dish how you did it! :)


Anonymous said...

this confirms Henry NEEDS a bounce house like Rowan had for his birthday! those smiles :)

cute wall!

Kacie said...

Seattle?!?! I would miss you like crazy!!!!!!!!
The picture of Stella going down the bounce house slide....um, she looks so much older :(

Cassie said...

yes shannon - spot on! we would have SO much more, but at the end of the day it's not about what you have.

kacie - yes she does. she's just growing up so fast!