Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

hey guys!  happy monday.
it's like supposed to be in the 80s here this week.
crazy right?  it's fair week in town, which means it's supposed to be like 115.  lol.  but it's not.  and that's AMAZING!  even more amazing is that lacie and phil will be home on friday.
AND aunt danielle.  YAY!!  come on friday!
so before we get to next weekend, let's recap this past weekend.
friday night jon's brother invited us out for some swimming and bbq-ing.
you don't have to ask us twice for that!  the food was amazing.
stella was literally in the water until dark.  lol.  she slept until almost 8:30 on saturday!
but henry - homeboy was up at 6:15.  lawd help me.
so i put him in his crib.  ha - kidding.  but he loves climbing in this thing.
even though his face says differently.  i swear he put himself in there.  he was just telling me no when i was trying to take a picture of him.  oh come on buddy, if you wana play at 6:15 we are going to play!
once he was over sister sleeping he threw a fit and that woke her up and then no one was happy.
but CK can make anyone happy so we headed there for breakfast.
we came home and played for a bit before papa called us to head to lunch.
henry was in a much better mood.  he liked the food so much he licked his plate.  lol.
we headed down to visit gma and gpa steibel after lunch.  they loaded us up with veggies and tried to give us a cat.  we took the veggies.  NOT the cat.  and then gpa told me over and over again about how i need new tires.  if you know anything about my grandparents they have been know to just buy a new vehicle instead of new tires.  it's a joke in our family.  so, i guess it's time for a new car.  YAY!
everyone zonked out on the way home and we enjoyed some naps.
the rest of the night we played outside and had a dance party.
put your hand upon your hip, when i dip, you dip, we dip.
happy everyone :)
sunday morning we were back at CK with papa for breakfast and then headed home for church.
stella wanted to wear a dress.  AND that necklace (yes it's pearls).  like this would NOT have happened a year ago.  heck, even six months ago.  i was like HECK YEAH BABY - let's put this dress on.
and i have to say - she nailed it.  this girl - man she's cute!
brother didn't do too bad himself.... little stud.
i have to confess that this was the first time i have ever taken my kids to church by myself.  like without my sisters or my mom.  and they did SO good!  thank you babies!
after church we just hung out and played around the house.  we headed out for an ice cream social that S&H's gma rita was in.  i mean, who can pass up free ice cream?  not us three!
we invited papa to come along too.  because he IS the reason we love ice cream so much.
after ice cream we made a trip to rural king.  we are STILL on the hunt for a horsey cup.
yes - a kid cup with a horse on it.  if you have one/know of one/find one call me - i will pay high dollar for it!
the rest of the night was low key.  baths, nakie butts and caillou.
have a good week!


Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I swear, you have the cutest kids!

Anonymous said...

funnn dance party!! :)

They look SO cute for church!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

If that isn't the cutest little hiney there ever was!!!

Amanda aka Manda said...

These pictures are the cutest! Especially the last one! ;0)

The Pink Growl said...

I love naked babies! That sounds freakish...but you know what I mean!

Myssie Pillers said...

Hi Cassie! Garnet Hill has a water bottle with a horse on it (for a girl), but it's pricey!!

here is the link...

if that doesn't work, there is a shop called the Tack Trunk in Chesterfield, I can stop in there and take a look to see if they have one. I can send it to you via Aunt Marcea! Just let me know!

Myssie Pillers said...

Sorry, Pottery Barn Kids also has a horse water bottle!

Myssie Pillers said...

Okay, so I should have gathered my thoughts before leaving my 500 comments...sorry about that! I also bought a horse water bottle from Crocodile Creek online, they are about $12 each if I remember right. Ps. Caroline went through a "horse" phase too!