What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

i'm sure i don't stand along when i give a big Vicki Gunvalson "woohooo!"
and yes she is still to date my favorite housewives.  (i know kim, but i just love her!)
anyways, back to the woohoos....
i am loving that today is my friday.  four day weekend - here we come!
however my god it feels like its winter.  come on mother nature.  we want to go swimming tomorrow!!
right now it is literally 66 degrees in st. louis.  on july 3rd!  that's unheard of!
tomorrow's high is supposed to be 84.  i'm going to do a heat dance all night for nice hot weather tomorrow.
not sure if a heat dance is a real thing, but i'm sure it's like a rain dance.  or if anyone has ever seen me dance you know i will be sweating when i'm done.  so that's enough to call it a heat dance.  ha.  anyways....
i am loving that i get to bust out this baby tomorrow!
i'm sure it'll look cute with a winter jacket over it, right?  or a poncho.  god i hope not!
ps - lac if you want this i can overnight it to you tonight.  promise.
i am loving finding this picture of stella's first fourth of july!
look at that wittle baby.  so cute.
and that head, so big.  lol.  poor thing.  PTL she has grown into that thing.
and look, henry's first fourth too.
how funny does he look?  like such an old man.  lol.  his head was pretty big too.  ayi.
my cute little big headed babies.  a head only a mother could love.....
anyone else remember when stella was OBSESSED with this flag shirt?
yes i made the conscious effort to NOT buy a flag shirt this year.
BUT i'm pretty sure i'm heading to old navy after work to get them some....
i am loving nightly "exercises" with stella.  that's what she calls them.
ha - she totally initiates them.  and she falls off this ball a good 15 times, but she gets right back up.
love her determination.  mommy and daughter core exercises might be my new favorite thing!

we hope everyone has a happy and safe fourth of july!
see ya monday!


Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Yessss - today calls for a big WHOOHOOO!! Happy Friday and Happy 4th! I'll take your cold over the pouring rain we are supposed to have here tomorrow!

Amanda aka Manda said...

Loving all the 4th of July looks! And mommy and daughter core time...too cute!

Adrien said...

Woop - we're taking long weekend, too! Have a great 4th!!

Kim Luke said...

I'll gladly WOOOHOOO. But I just can't do Vicki. Ugh!!
Team Tamra all the way!!!! <3

Have a great 4th!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Look at you in your American Flag gear! cute cute I'm sad to say I have ZERO American Flag clothing.

bald babies!!! Henry does look like an old man in that pic haha too cute.

The Pink Growl said...

Love your workout shirt!