S&H Update

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

S&H Update

should have done this yesterday but yesterday is mandatory weekend wrap up and well sometimes S&H just have to come second.  and well, i do what i want.  it's my blog.
but one thing i won't do is change saying S&H.  i made one change.  not doing S&H #sorryimnotsorry
moving on.... let's see what S&H have been up to...
still loving the shit out of each other and i'm not even kidding you.
stella can persuade henry to "trade" her just about any toy.  usually henry gets the crappy end of the deal, but he's so go with the flow he could care less.  poor kid.
i am thinking up a pretty cool tunnel to connect their two rooms through their closet.  ummm - coolest mom ever, right here!  considering they loving playing in henry's closet.  lol.
we are in the testing stage for sure!  the terrible 2s plus the thirsty 3s.  ayi.  they test me to my limits every day.  and sometimes i blow.  and for that i'm sorry.  but we all sit and have a good talk and everyone says their i'm sorrys and i love yous and the worlds a better place.
usually because we end it with "who wants a popsicle?!"  ha.
popsicles can pretty much cure everything.
stella 3 years and 5 months old (exactly).
happy 41 months stella - wow that's crazy!
weighing in around 35 pounds.  tall as heck.  and sassy as ever.
but still so.damn.cute!!
this girl - she still tells me she loves me and i'm her best friend every day.  gah - it's my favorite thing ever!
and she plays "pretend" like it's her job.  i love watching her take care of her babies and act like such a little mom.  it's the cutest thing ever.
she is obsessed with hairspray.  i'm not even kidding you.  i think i put hairspray on her head at least three times a day.  we are NOT leaving the house in the morning without it.  end of story.
one stray piece of hair and it's "mom, i need some hairspray!"  ayi.
her wardrobe is getting better.  it's not a t-shirt every day.  FINALLY.  we have expanded it a bit, but i don't want to jinx myself so that's as far as i'm going.....
she really is growing up though.  so independent but yet still needs mom.
(especially when she has to go to the bathroom - homegirl HATES going alone).
she really does love everyone, she just has a lot of her mommy in her and chooses to not show it that much.
this girl is going to go places.  she is bound and determined and has quite the drive.  get outa her way!
i couldn't be prouder to be her momma.
henry 1 year 10 months old
less than two months until you are two!!  how in the heck?
weighing in around 27 pounds.  solid as a rock.  and ALL boy.
i mean - seriously.  adorable.
he can't help it.  everyone just loves him.  he's a stinker and a sweetie all mixed together.
he will come up and bite you and then belly laugh so hard you can't be mad at him.
his favorite word to tell me is "stay!"  which means stop.  usually for me to stop and hold him.  sometimes for me to stop so he can run right by me and then giggle as he passes by.
the highlight of henry's day is passing nobbe's to and from connie's.  i mean come on who else wouldn't be excited about tractors.  TONS and TONS of tractors.
every day we play tractors, cars, trains, and sometimes they all live on the farm.  lol.  he doesn't bat an eye at the thought of it because that's how easy going he is.
he's definitely NOT a morning person.  ayi.  grumpy butt.  homeboy likes his sleep.  let him wake up, don't wake him.  all you will hear are "no's!"
one thing he loves about as much as tractors.  his nipples.  boy is always rubbing them.  lol.  and has no shame in showing you his boobies.  or babies or he calls them.  lol.  #craybaby
but this nipples loving, tractor boy is just such the lover and he makes me only want to love more.
if i could have half the heart this boy had..... blessed for sure!

thank you S&H for being such awesome kids.  i can't even say babies anymore.
you both are just such kids.  i love it!  like i said, we are at a very testing stage, but also a very fun stage!
i love you more and more everyday.  xoxo - momm
and remember how much i love you the next time you beg for me to push you around target in this giant piece of crap they call a shopping cart.  it should just be called a bulldozer.  because that's all you can do with this thing is knock things off shelves and run people over.  literally grown ass women will give you the stink eye when you turn down the same aisle you are in with this honker.
i believe a complimentary t-shirt should be given with this cart when you put your children in it.  it would read something along the lines of "heaven forbid i can grocery shop alone.  this is the only way my children will stay seated the whole time we are here, i'll do whatever it takes, and this is what is takes!  steer clear of the beer aisle and we will be fine."


Anonymous said...

They are TOO cute together. Cheersing in the backseat over and over until someone gets hurt & laughing with each "cheers". :)

Stella being concerned as to why Henry is in the pool alone on Saturday and not going down the water slide with her :)

Stella's smile is precious! There is no being upset at a girl with a smile like that.

Henry cracks me UP!! He was content on doing his own thing on Saturday and would laugh over and over at himself.

Good kids you've got there momma!!!
I liked spending time with them. :)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Oh Stella, I love a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it. Just a mere 3 years old and so smart, independent AND beautiful... WATCH OUT WORLD!!!

Handsome, adorable Henry, that photo says a thousand words! It makes you just want to hug and squeeze that precious face! The girls are going to go crazy! I have no doubt you will be a true gentleman. You'll have your awesome mommy to thank for that :-)

I just said the other day, children are a true test of your strengths and weaknesses. They fill your heart with a love that cannot be compared to anything else. Even though at times you may want to bury your head in your pillow and scream (which I have, LOL), you look at their sweet face and think, WOW... I can't believe I created this amazing little person!!! Nothing short of blessings from above <3

Adrien said...

They are seriously the cutest kids, and you are really blessed to have easy going babies! (They'll always be babies, right? Haha.)

Popsicles are currency in this house, too! :)

Kacie said...