Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

i'm not going to lie - i'm in a great mood today.
we had a perfect weekend and only a three day work week this week = great mood!
so let's recap the weekend.
friday morning stella wanted to go to work with me SO bad.  but i had two meetings and well, it just wasn't an option.  but she must have had a come to jesus with the big man upstairs because my first meeting got cancelled, the second was short and then i had to leave and go pick up a permit so i thought while i'm out i'll just go and grab the kiddos.  and boy were they STOKED.
henry wasted no time getting straight to work.  thata boy.  pro athlete and hard worker.  blessed.  ha.
of course they wasted no time eating the last few starburts in my candy jar on my desk.
so then we paraded around showed my kids off and looked for more candy.
of course we have to stop and play with the biggest butterfly ever that is in the office.  love it!
i promise stella was just as pumped as henry.  and i promise that shirt actually fits her.  lol.
she was so convinced friday morning that she was going to work with mom she started picking out henry's clothes and told him to wear that polo.  she called it his work clothes.  hilarious.
once we got in town we met papa and headed up for the Fireman's Dash 5k.  it was papa's first 5k.
he did great!  26th out of 250 plus people.  way to go!
i pushed S&H in the double stroller and we did pretty good too.  came in 91st.
we of course had a celebratory beer.  and tried a few rides, but S&H weren't having it.  so home we went.
saturday morning we were off to cape for rowan's birthday party.
katie went with us (we let her sit in the front this time, lol).
when the birthday party consists of a water slide and bounce house mixed together ummm life is pretty much made for S&H.
and i'm pretty sure we need to rent this baby for henry's second birthday.
everyone LOVED it.
we had two ZONKED out babies on the way home and PTL we did because we drove through some HORRIBLE storms.  at one point we were pulled over on the side of the road, wind and rain everywhere and hail SO bad we couldn't even hear each other talk.
some way some how S&H stayed asleep the whole time.  PTL we made it home safe.  i was scared!
S&H went to daddy's house for the weekend when we got home and i went home and made a drink.  ha.
jon and i headed out to st. louis for dinner and kathy's birthday!
we went out in westport and of course had to visit our ole stopping grounds.
we had a blast!  happy birthday kathy!!
sunday i was up early to work at CK.  after CK i met up with josh and the kids for the parade in town.
henry was pretty sleepy so he was content sitting on papa's lap and watching all of the tractors.
stella and her cousin tenley were all about the parade.  they loved it and did SO good!
after the parade we headed back up to the picnic to try the rides again.
i got lucky and got to ride the pink elephants with S&H.  woohoo.  PTL i wasn't the only parent.  lol.
after the rides we grabbed some food and then S&H got to explore the firehouse with jon's parents and then again with erin.  erin even let S&H wear a real fire hat.  however, i'm pretty sure it weighed more than they did.  it was still super cute!
bahahaha - too funny.  thanks again erin!
after the firehouse we headed home for baths and then everyone zonked out.
like i said - perfect weekend!


The Pink Growl said...

YAY for you pushing the kids and doing so great in the 5k! You rock girl! How did it go meeting up with Josh? Is he still dating that girl?

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

My niece had that same blow up thing for her bday and it was a hit there as well!! So much fun!!

Love Stella picking out Henry's work clothes!! Too cute!

Amanda aka Manda said...

You did awesome for pushing the kiddos! You looked amazing in those lace shorts too! Hot mama!

Adrien said...

What a full and fun weekend! We saw you pushing the kids in the race. Go you!! :) Glad you made it home safely on Saturday...those were some crazy storms!

Erin said...

Hahaha. I didn't realize it was that heavy!! Lol. Drinking Erin can pull anything off.