The People You Find At Country Concerts

Friday, June 28, 2013

The People You Find At Country Concerts

hey guys!  happy friday.
katie and i survived a pretty good Kenny Chesney concert last night.
and boy oh boy did we get ourselves some GREAT people watching in.
we were early for the concert, which for us, is unheard of.
so we thought, the only way we can pass the time is in true blogger form.
take pictures of people.  ha!
i have one part  - katie has the other.  so be sure to check out her blog.
i now present to you, 
the type of people you will find at a country concert.

snap shirt guys (this one's for you phil)
rural king can't even beat the number of snap shirts you see at a country concert.
find yourself a cute group of girls and i bet following right behind them as an army of boys wearing button down snap shirts.  ok ok, and light jeans.  and camo.  i guarantee you half of them have stacks on their trucks.

the overly tan girl - who is very proud of her tan
sweetie - we get it, it's thursday and you've tanned every day this week leading up to this concert.  so you're proud of your bronzed leather smokin' hot bod.  but really, we don't need to see it.  and home girl didn't just roll up her shirt like this because she was hot, no no, this is how her outfit was meant to look.  oh sweetie, go buy another box of hair dye and some marlbros.  ps - nice tramp stamp.

mom and dad
not just any mom and dad, mom and dad stuck in the 90s.  that's one nice fanny pack there momma.  and dad, aren't your ankles hot?

that loud annoying guy
leaving the concert there's always that one loud and annoying guy.  and he's usually wearing a loud and annoying shirt.  something along the lines of "let's get naked."  really?  oh buddy, i bet you're going home alone tonight....

the tie dye girl
hands down there will always be someone, somewhere, wearing tie dye.
a fashion statement that will never die.

the baby making couple
luckily for katie and i we got this view directly in front of us.
karma?  ha - maybe.
but don't you worry, this guy didn't wear a shirt all night.  lucky us again!  and his girl was loving every part of his body.  yes, EVERY part.  ayi.  it was something else.  hands were everywhere.  wanna know what else we saw?  yep, her tits.  daddy simply gave them a good grab, signaled for her to lift up her shirt and boom, there they were.  not even kidding you.

and of course there's always the poor teenage girl who has to sit next to the baby making couple.
i think she stood leaned over to the side like this the whole night.
poor thing.

ha - and there you have it.  god bless country concerts!
thank god we are so fashionable and normal.  bahahaha - TOTALLY kidding.
don't forget to check out katie's blog for more people.
have a great weekend!


The Pink Growl said...

HAHAHA country concerts are always good for tramp stamps and people making out! gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

aren't your ankles hot?! hahahahahah

Pamela said...

the overly tanned girl & the baby making couple are my favorite! NEVER fails!

Mary Cavalier said...

Thanks for the laughs. My great-niece and great-nephew were at the concert too. Glad I did not see either of them in your photos :-)

Sarah said...

Hahah that is ALL so true!!!

I love me a pearl snap shirt though...and camo...and stacks in trucks. haha.

Glad you guys had a great time! Have a good weekend love!

Katie said...

OMG, this is priceless- best kind of post ever! Tramp stamp girl & the makeout couple for the win!!

Amy said...

Soooo funny! Thanks for the laughs!