Weekend Wrap Up!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

hi guys!  remember me?  my goodness i feel like it's been forever.
but i'm not complaining ONE BIT.  Wednesday i left work at 1:00 and didn't come back until 8 a.m. today.  ok that's a lie, more like 8:10..... whoops.
anyways, i even feel like a new employee it's been so long.  but like i said - so good.
on to the weekend.....
Wednesday i picked up S&H from Connie's and we hung out in the pool at our house.
papa called and we had some DiCarlos, which was amazing as always.
we got home and got into the 4th of July spirit with our sunglasses and painted nails.
and yes, that pointer finger of Henry's in the top picture has red polish on it.
hey - homeboy loves him some painted fingernails.  lol.
oh yeah and this happened too....
tractor - 1  henry - 0
poor guy.  he let that tractor have it too....
Thursday morning we woke up to a surprise visit from Rachel and Julia.  Julia hung out at the house for a bit while Aunt Rachel went and got a massage.  it took everything in my power not to follow her.  ha.
we packed up for camping and a 4th of July party at the Heller's, dropped Julia off and away we went!
we didn't waste much time and once we got there we got right in the pool.  and lawd it was COLD.  but S&H were little fishes and had a blast!  we seriously only got out to eat, and to take naps.
once it started getting late we got out of the pool and got ready for the fireworks.
we went all out.  lol.
Henry wasn't too pumped about the fireworks.  he laid on my chest and gripped to my shirt.  Stella sat in the chair with me and really loved them.  yay!
the next morning when we woke up we ate some breakfast with everyone, ran into town to let Abbie out and then headed back out to get our swim on!  we swam until about 1:00 and then headed in for naps and then S&H headed to dad's house for the weekend.
the rest of the evening was spent swimming and drinking and eating and swimming and drinking and eating.
can't complain about that!
Saturday morning i had to be at ck at 7:30 to work - BRUTAL.  when will i learn?
but i made it through the day.  got home and slept for almost three hours.
literally woke up, cleaned house, took a shower, got some togo with Jon and then was back sleeping by 9.
when did i get so old that it takes me this long to recover?  lol.
Sunday i was wide awake by 7:30.  i think my children have me trained.  lol.  i headed out to Tony and Rachel's house and to Gma Steibel's house to get some veggies from their awesome gardens.
yep - i think it's fair to say that i'm the favorite.  ha.  kidding!!
i came home and went to town on these babies.  peppers are cut up for fajitas later this week.  i cut up all the squash and zucchini and seasoned and baked them.  so good.  all the potatoes, carrots and onions are cut up for a roast this week too.  and i made some killer cucumber salad.
bam - who died and made me susie homemaker?!  like no joke.
even Jon said, i didn't know you could cook like this.  ha, whoops...
i even finished up this little bad boy.  pretty proud of myself.
ignore the couple bad parts - it was my first try.  and DIY is no my forte.  lol.
i headed to get S&H around 5 and we headed out for sno cones with Jon and then a walk with nana.
perfect way to end a long perfect weekend!!


Amanda aka Manda said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! LOVE the diy mirror!

Adrien said...

Eee...the cut on Henry's head makes my stomach churn - poor guy! I'm so jealous of all of the swimming you get to do. :) I need a friend with a pool! Splashing in baby pools just isn't the same, haha.

Anonymous said...

omg I can't believe you guys stayed in the pool. Mom's pool was FREEZING all weekend. I could barely walk around the shallow end.

Yikes that looks painful Henry!

woah woah look at you Susie homemaker!!

Kacie said...

What a great holiday! Love the mirror! You go girl! I am not crafty at all!

Texas Tanners said...

Your kiddos are oh so precious. And I am loving that mirror.