We're Back!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We're Back!

ahhhhh - vacation is good for the soul.
i feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.
ok maybe after one more nap.  kidding.
but it was SO nice to get away and just relax.  i think i almost forgot what that was like.
so let's catch up.
friday night S&H went to dad's house and i cleaned and tried to pack.  until i poured myself a glass of skinny girl pina colada and well, not much got done after that.  whoops!
saturday morning i was up early and heading out for a wine trip with a group of girls.
and oh em gee it was a BLAST!  seriously - i had so much fun!!
thank you again Jackie for putting this together.  i'm sure i'm not alone when i say i'm in for next year!
when your ride home includes stopping and doing a u-turn to ride a mechanical bull, whipping your hair back and forth and learning to fly bills like a stripper (only my bff would teach this) - ha.  it's a successful trip!
sunday morning i successfully managed to pack in two hours, pick S&H up and head out for our mini vacation to Holiday World!
i am seriously shocked by the amount of people who have never heard of Holiday World.
honestly it's fun!  you can camp or stay in the cabins or even get a hotel.  but it's a huge water park.  it has roller coasters too.  and it's just perfect for families.  great for kids.  and SO much cleaner than six flags.
we got there on sunday and spent the day setting everything up, riding the golf cart around and just hanging out.  this was S&H's first time camping and i'm pretty sure they are in love.  they did SO good!
they took to the other people we were camping with so well.  especially jake and kayla.  they were S&H's buddies for sure.  they were just so comfortable.  seriously - i know i keep saying it but they were great!
we stayed at lake rudolph which is right next to the park and we got to meet rudolph himself on monday!
henry wasn't a fan.  lol.  but stella gave him a high five and walked right up to him.  yay!
we headed over to the park around 11 and we lasted long enough to take this picture just about....
henry freaked out over that fake santa and it was kinda raining and stella wasn't a fan.
we decided to head back to the camper by ourselves and try to take a nap.
three hours later we were brand new people and ready to take on the day!
ps - henry didn't take those boots off ALL weekend.  lol.  
tuesday the sun was shining bright and early and we were ready to try the park again.
we headed over when it opened and never looked back.  S&H took to the water slides like they were fearless kids!  they LOVED them!!
seriously this momma's boy was thrown to the curb.  he wanted to do it all himself.  the two hour nap he ended up taking at the water park even said so.  he didn't move one bit.
i wish we could get one of these at our house!  lol.
after a great day at the water park we headed back to get ready for the golf cart parade.
oh man i love parades and so do my kids, so we were stoked!
our whole group (minus austin) with our hawaiian cart and our red, white and blue cart.
after the parade S&H zonked out and mommy decided to kick back and enjoy herself.
yes, that's a tequila shot.  for anyone who knows me, you know i do NOT do shots.
and i was good and only had a few.  and heck, when in rome, right?  it was fun (and delicious!)
wednesday morning henry was up at 6 a.m. - brutal.  i think at this point our camping "friends" were ready for us to go.  ha - this is vacation son - sleep in!
we ate breakfast and packed up the car and said our goodbyes and headed for home.
we weren't even 30 minutes away and henry barfed - every where.  ayi.  so over to the side of the interstate we went and i got home all cleaned up.  he rode home naked and quickly passed out for a nap after we got back on the road.  we stopped once he woke up and i rednecked it up and carried my naked kid into mcdonalds.  ha.  PTL no one knew us.  we were home around 1:30 and ready to get back to swimming some more.  i don't know what holiday world did to my kids, but i LOVE it!!
sister who never wants to wear anything but a one piece decided she wanted to wear this two piece swim suit and brother who wouldn't dare get in this pool before, is now he's practically pushing his sister off the slide so he can go down it again.  ha!
thank you again to kim and becky for inviting us along and letting us stay with you guys.
and a big thank you to austin, skylar, kayla, jake and lucas for being SO good with my kids!
i think we are going to have to go back next year!


Jackie said...

So glad you had a blast!..I know I did...I felt it the next day! It was rough! I rememeber the bull...but I don't remember the learning to fly bills like a stripper! BAHAHAHAHA
Holiday World looks awesome... I think I need to talk Eli into a little weekend away!

sblind2 said...

I've been waiting for the details on Holiday World - I wanna go - maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Henry I don't handle grown ass people in animal costumes either! FREAKYYY

Love the matching camo John Deere shirts haha

omg Henry on that slide!! So big!!!!
love the shades little man :)

Sounds like everyone had fun and add me to the list of people that haven't heard of Holiday World

Kim Luke said...

OMG!! totally forgot about the mechanical bull!! i could not remember for the life of my what i did to my finger. DUH!!
And i taught you how to make dollars fly at the stripper,not like a stripper. i'm the payer, not the receiver. LOLOL
so much fun!
glad you had a awesome vaca with S&H! See you this weekend!!! XOXO