Confession Friday!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Confession Friday!

hi - sorry for the boring blog lately.  life is just busy.
like i bought a house or something.  how selfish of me right?  ha.
i meant to blog this morning but we had a bags tournament at work.
i know right - just hate days like these.
and then i set up a beyonce playlist on spotify and quickly became sasha fierce and well the next thing i know it's almost 1:00 and i am just coming out of my jimmy johns lunch coma.  ha.
i'd say life is pretty dang good!
on to the confessions...
i confess i went swim suit shopping yesterday.  and i shouldn't complain about my body because the weight i have managed to keep balanced for the past couple of months is a number i am ok with.  but lawd your body after two babies - some things just don't look the same.
i officially can only buy a swim suit that has an under wire.  thank you children.  thank you.
speaking of swim suits, stella calls them swim soups.  cracks me up every time.  lol.
i confess this picture gets me super excited.
baller.  eeeee!!  but no joke he loves basketball at nanas.  man i want a hoop at our house so bad!
ps - i think someone needs bigger shoes.... whoops!  lol.
i confess i pushed my daughter in this stroller last night for shits and grins and the whole entire time i prayed, please don't break, please don't break.  not that i don't trust her.  i just don't trust a $10 target stroller...  luckily our prayers were answered.
i confess cleaning up dog shit is the best ab workout ever.  abbie officially marked her spot in the new house yesterday. and oh em gee.  i can clean up my kids shits, pukes, etc, but i can't, i just can't do dog shit.
i confess we have had tropical sno twice this week and they literally just opened up.  whoops!
ps - what happened to their punch cards?  that was like the best thing ever last year and i've asked twice about them.  the young kid looks at me like i have four heads.
i confess i need some antlers or some type of outdoor hunting fishing stuff for henry's room.  i contemplated asking for it on fb but i was worried people would judge me.  ha.  so i will just make a small plea on here instead.
we have a little something like this in mind.  also looking for a wooden oar possibly......
ayi - i think my redneck radar just went off......
i confess i am supposed to go on a wine trip tomorrow with some girls but i am kinda nervous to go by myself so my bff better not bail.  however if she bails and i spend another weekend upstairs painting - someone may want to come check on me.  i might lose it.
PTL we leave for vacation sunday!!
well - that's it!  enjoy your weekend.  it's supposed to be SO nice!  yay!
have fun and be safe.


Jackie said...

You will be fine...take a day for yourself! We will have a blast!!!! But I hope your BFF doesn't bail either!!!

Anonymous said...

bag tournament at work??! Really?? I may have pouted when I read about your day at work so far bc mine has royally sucked!

I love the pictures of Henry with the ball and Stella in the stroller they have the exact same smile :)

Can't Lacie & Phil ship you some antlers from their apt walls?!

Anonymous said...

I would gladly ship any of the dead animals from our walls. However to someone else they have too much sentimental value.

Kim Luke said...

Landon totally calls them Swim Soups and Swim Trumps too!!! LOL! It cracks me up! Last year he said it to the lady at the pool and she asked me if they had soup for lunch because she didn't know what he was talking about! LOL

I think I need more sno cones in my life, as soon as you get back. please.