Wednesday, June 5, 2013


i haven't done a good kids wrap up in awhile so let's catch up.
S&H honestly are great friends.  they don't really fight much and honestly play super well together.
Stella - 3 years and 4 months
all signed up for Prairie Preschool.
whew - i debated and debated on school with this girl.
she got into the public school, but that's every day.  every day for a three year old when she is going to be going to school for the next 18 years?  eeee - i just can't.
Prairie is two days a week and it will be the right amount of perfect for her.  i will drop her off on Tuesdays and Thursdays and she will go to "school" and then stay for the after school care.  henry will go to connies.  ugh, i dread separating them but i think stella needs this to really feel like a big kid.
i can see her now "it's ok Henry, i have to go to school, i will see you after school is done."
she totally talks to him like she is the mom.  it's adorable.
next year she will go to red bud public probably, however the catholic school is still an option, to get in the swing of every day school and then continue on for kindergarten.  wait, how i am seriously talking about this already?
other than the fact that in three months she will be three and a half and starting school - she is still the spunky, cute little girl she has always been.
this is a completely normal evening for her.  taking care of her baby and gabbing it up on her "apple phone (ipod touch)."  i could sit and listen to her have these pretend conversations with "nobody" for forever.  they crack me up.  she goes a mile a minute.  and the second she catches me watching her she gets super shy smiles ear to ear.  too funny.  i ask her if she is talking to Aaron or David or Sylvia, she looks at me like i'm a crazy person.  i guess those three skipped town?  who knows.  times are tough.  lol.
as for her wardrobe.  well, she is still very into picking out her clothes.  last night we hung up her laundry and no joke i counted 35 t-shirts.  she owns 35 t-shirts!  ha.  horribly embarrassing!
but don't you worry they all get PLENTY of wear.  ayi.
however she has one pair of jean shorts that have some stars on them; and she pretty much wants to wear them every singe day.  lord help me.
oh and her hair, in a pony tail (that i can FINALLY do for her) every morning, with hairspray.  hairspray is a MUST for her all day, every day.  one piece of hair gets in her face, boom, she needs hairspray.
but this goofy little high maintenance girl is just the sweetest.  every night she tells me she loves me, i'm her favorite mommy (girl i better be! jk) and that i'm her best friend.
be still my heart.

and now this little boy.....
Henry, 1 year and 9 months
how in the world will we be celebrating your second birthday in just 3 short months?!
he is ALL boy lately.  no fear and gross.
every time he farts he calls it out and laughs.  every time.  SMH.
he has pretty much three obsessions.
those cars rain boots.
and that school bus.
let me tell you about that school bus.  we bought it at the magic house for $5.  brought it home that night and before we knew it we had lost it.  it was lost for a good two or three weeks.  and then the second or third night in the new house i was cleaning some stuff up and found it in one of stella's bags.  oh my goodness the excitement in this kids face was priceless.  i think he says bus 32784308 times a day.  no joke.
along with tractor.  from this kid having 1 tractor to him having about 9 now, we take a tractor with us usually everywhere.  in fact on Saturday night i went to the cards game and when i was looking for my keys in my purse i pulled out a tractor.  lol.  however according to stella the tractors can only be green.  good girl!
henry's fashion sense it completely laid back.  he doesn't care what he is wearing.
as long as he can wear his rain boots.  lol.
and i swear he can drink a gallon of milk a day.  i'm not even kidding.  and eat a stick of deer sausage a week.  no wonder he's so solid.  seriously, this kid is heavy.  
he still feeds half of his meals to abbie.  every time.  but then constantly yells at her the second she gets in his business because he has food in his hand.  well, stop feeding her buddy.
speaking of abbie - anything she does is hilarious to henry.  like belly laugh hilarious.  it's adorable.
but don't you worry this farting, tractor loving, dog food sharing boy still love love loves his momma and that's perfectly ok with me!!  he honestly just has this thing about him, you can't help but just love on him and look at him and smile.  he's just so dang sweet!
but together honestly they are great.
even if this picture makes it look like stella is saying "hey get back here with that baby!" and henry is just thinking to himself "yeah, yeah whatever you say lady."  lol.
they are just awesome kids.  so happy.  so good.
they just love life and help me keep that in mind every day.
thank you again S&H for everything.  i love being your mommy!


Adrien said...

Great kids!! I'm sad that Evie and Stella wont be in the same class after all, but that arrangement sounds great for you! I'm glad you were able to find a solution with child care. (Honestly, I'm dreading the five days, and I think it's a bit much, too. I'd rather have just a couple of longer days...ah well!)

sblind2 said...

LOVE this!!

Anonymous said...

Crazy that you will have a preschooler soon!!
Sooo sweet that she talks to Henry like she's the mom. haha Such a good, loving big sister.
Favorite mommy :)

I'm hoping Henry didn't take after his mom and wears socks with those rain boots. hahah
We had a school bus tent for Logan. If you want it I will see if it made the move.

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Love the look on Henry's face in the stroller... mom, is she serious? Please make her get back in the stroller!! LOL

I got all teary reading how Stella tells you goodnight. So sweet!! It's those moments that just melt you into a big puddle of mush!

Your S&H are just precious!!!

Kacie said...

Awwwwww! <3

Katie said...

So sweet :) they're blessed to have you as their mommy!