Confession Friday!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Confession Friday!

happy friday!!
two day work weeks are NICE!!  ok ok, that's a lie, really i'm only working a day and a half this week.
ayi - rough life, right?
leaving this afternoon to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my sisters and mom.
yay!  this wedding is really going to happy on NYE!  so excited!!

on to the confessions....
i really need to get this off my chest.  and i need my bff to back me up on this.
we need to talk about white sunglasses.
i just can't.  i will not.  it's just bad.  they need to disappear from every ones face.  pronto.
there - i said it. #sorryimnotsorry

but do you know what i can do?
accept a free deer mount for henry's awesome room!!
ahhhh - yes yes, it's happening.  i'm stoked and he is going to LOVE it!!
and sarah found this awesome W at hobby lobby.  ahhhh - this room is going to be awesome!

oh yes yes and speaking of the kids room, nope STILL haven't picked up a paint brush since i took that week off.  whoops!  but i have good reason.  we have had a few contractors come out to check out some "issues" and i refuse to do work that might be torn out.
i'd cry.  big ugly crocodile tears.
BUT good news is we think we have found a small easy fix.  YAY!

speaking of my kids... we went on vacation and they just grew up like over night.
i am not even kidding you.
no more blair witch facetime with henry.  he will hold the phone and actually look and talk to people.
stella knows and remembers and talks about everything.
they have both just matured in the blink of an eye.  i love it!

and let's talk about growing up overnight.
how is this little boy going to be FOUR tomorrow?
Landon Luke i remember sitting at the hospital waiting for you to be born.
little did i know ms. stella was cooking inside of me.  whoops!
your mommy and grandma even said, you're next Cassie!  ha.
but really, it's been FOUR years already?  slow down baby boy.
we hope you have a happy happy birthday and we love you so much!

we're off to enjoy a great weekend with family and friends!
have fun!


Anonymous said...

Not gonna lie it took me a minute to realize why the W. hahah wow Katie WOW!