Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

hi!  i'm kinda excited to be at work today.  i'm ready to put in a full weeks worth.
i feel like it's been forever.
ok ok, ask me this again come like wednesday, i'm sure i'll be like when it is friday!?!
anyways - on to the weekend fun!
friday i left work early to do some wedding dress shopping with my sisters!
clearly no one told me it was wear a dress day...... or hair half up day.
welcome to the life of being the middle sister.  always left out.  ha - i kid i kid!
it seriously was a lot of fun.  we of course went to bridal manor in waterloo, it's just like the best place ever!
and.... i'm pretty sure she found THE ONE!  it's perfect.  so danielle.  so NYE.  so beautiful!
and we found a bridesmaid dress!  let's face it, this is what i will look like while wearing this dress anyways...
hot mess express.  lol.
even miss thang got in on the dress party.  after some tears and bribery....
gosh she's so cute!
after we wore out our welcome at bridal manor we headed home to grab our swim soups and then headed for swimming and a fish fry at jh's house.  the pool was perfect and the fish was amazing.
henry was way more interested in driving the barbie car around the yard.  ha.
saturday morning we were up early for breakfast at CK with papa and aunt lacie before she headed off to mallory's wedding.  after breakfast we headed out for landon's birthday party.  it was at a water park and my kids were pumped!  after the party we did some grocery shopping and then everyone passed out.
stella woke up way before henry and we enjoyed some much needed mommy and stella time.
once brother woke up we hung outside a good rest of the night.
sunday morning we woke to lacie and phil knocking on our door, S&H were SO excited to see Phil!  and then we all headed to lisa's for breakfast with the steibels for father's day!  stella was super confused.  she wanted to see lisa, lacie's friend.  ha.
she is quickly learning there are more than one persons with the same name.  lol.
henry was just excited to see toe-knee.  ha.  that's how he kept saying it over and over.  hilarious.
we headed back and daddy picked up S&H after lunch to hang out for a bit.
the rest of our afternoon was spent talking a walk, going to the park and having ice cream with papa.
perfect weekend!


Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I'm loving that bridesmaid's dress - so gorgeous! What colors did she decide on?

Anonymous said...

Fun weekend.

The pic of Danielle and Stella kind of made me wedding teary eyed.
Danielle looks so happy :)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

The bridesmaids dress is gorgeous! I have to say, you look great in red too :) Your weekends always sound so fun spending time with your family. I love all the pics with lots of smiles!!

So bummed we missed Landon's party :( We've had a sick little girl this weekend and now Scott and I woke up feeling like crap this morning... boo!!

Have a great week... XOXO

Adrien said...

Beautiful girls! Sounds like a great weekend. :)