Maria's Getting Married!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Maria's Getting Married!

shake your maracas.
grab your sombrero.
update your passport (that's for maria's birth family).
pour the margs...
that's right!! last night danielle got off the plane from being in florida for work all week only to be greeted by her boyfriend at the bottom of the escalator wearing a suit, holding a sign and asking her to marry him.
i know right - hate her.  how freaking cute.
her boyfriend totally got major points.  not just for what he did last night BUT because he asked dad and mom AND asked lacie and i.  good one tate!!
we are SO excited for them.
no joke tate told us when it was going to happen and i told him, she better call me, i don't care what time it is.  so of course i fell asleep at 9:00 like the total mom i am and when i woke up this morning i didn't have a missed call from danielle.  i immediately thought - oh shit, she said no!
good thing my phone started ringing around 6:30 and luckily she said YES!
so you know you wana see the ring, right?
BOOM - he did good!  this is totally danielle and totally gorgeous!

so yay for maria (danielle) and tate!  we are all super excited and now i can finally start actually pinning wedding stuff on pinterest and not just liking it.  whew!
i can only speak for myself and S&H but i know that everyone else would agree we are SO happy to welcome tate as part of our family.
tate steibel just sounds perfect!  ha.

happy friday!
ps - it's my half birthday, getting closer and closer to 30


Anonymous said...

So happy for them! Can't wait to begin the planning! Happy half birthday sorry I forgot! Love you!


Anonymous said...

:) Congratulations Danielle!!! So happy for you :)

Nice proposal Tate. Very sweet!!!
Beautiful ring!

Happy half birthday

sblind2 said...

What a sweet engagement story!! CONGRATS!

Sara Simpson said...

Congrats Danielle!!! How exciting!!!!!!

Kim Luke said...

This made me crack up!! Lol
Tate Steibel. haha

OMG. Cannot believe I forgot your half birthday after all the shit I gave you for forgetting mine. Haha
Happy Belated Half Birthday!!!! <3