Mother's Day Weekend Catch Up

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend Catch Up

hi!!  so sorry for being MIA yesterday.
i am just behind on life.
you should see the duplex.  whew - it needs some love.  and it will get it.  next week once we move out!
ahhh - so let's catch up on life.
when we last left off my sister got engaged.  yay - she appreciates all the sweet words, so thank you!
no hot deets on when the big day will be yet though.
so friday i attended a wedding for a co-worker or mine.  becky has been an amazing mentor at work and i have learned SO much from her.  there was no way i was missing her special day.
they had a ceremony at the butterfly house (ps super cool) and then a reception at Orlando's.
and let me just say special doesn't even describe this wedding.
it was the most amazing celebration i have been to in a really long time.
the room was filled to the brim with nothing but LOVE and support - oh man it was just perfect.
i am SO happy for them and wish them nothing but the best.
let's talk about more special stuff.  this little gem was waiting in my mailbox when i got home.
holy tears - how sweet is this!  inside was a mommy mug.  ahhh!!
thank you, thank you, to this truly amazing person (who obviously reads my blog).  i cried - seriously!
saturday i slept in and it was awesome.  until the kid who cuts my grass came over at 9 AM......
i totally pulled a mom move and went outside to pay him - in my bath robe.  baha.
i literally didn't do anything productive that whole day until JH got off work and we went to dinner and bowling with some of his friends.  we bowled three rounds (is that what they're called?) and i only broke 100 one time.  yeah - it was bad.....
sunday morning i was up right away and headed to get S&H for mother's day!
they got me the cutest mommy mug!  so now i have two - YAY!!  one very happy mommy!!
we headed over to nana's house and sang a few songs.  bahahaha.
yep - singing with nana's book, just like we are in church.  all stella's idea.  it was hilarious.
there were no actual words sung though, just some humming.  even henry joined in.
after that we headed to ck for some breakfast and then to the magic house!!
seriously there were hardly any people there - it was awesome.  we all had SO much fun!
they loved playing outside the most.  stella had so much fun in the little water stream that she sat right down in it to play.  ha.  she literally road home in just her undies.  everyone zonked out before we even got to 270.
once we got home everyone was ready to go again!
we headed outside for some fun!
here's stella with her ipod (or ipad) as she calls it, getting our playlist ready.
it was so nice outside!!  henry and i decided to get out the little tee ball set and play.  stella was ready to catch the balls - however she needs a bigger glove i think....
yep - nice little wiffle ball mark on her head.  but she was pretty good about it.  poor thing.
after that we painted some pictures for gma steibel and then headed to her house for mother's day and for ice cream cake.  pretty sure any place that includes ice cream cake we will be there.  ok and any place that has tractors upon tractors upon tractors AND baby kittys.  yep, we will be there.
it was seriously a great mothers day - S&H were awesome all day.  everyone was in the best mood.
i'm one very lucky momma!


Anonymous said...

I'm an awful bowler. I use to think you WANTED lower numbers. Wow was that embarrassing on our 7th grade trip! hahaha

Sounds like a really good Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Yay for moving week!!! Wish I could help.


Kim Luke said...

I've never in my life bowled over 100. so you did great in my book. lol

Happy Mother's Day best friend! I can't tell you enough how much I look up to you as a mommy! S&H are so lucky to have you!!
Lovie you!!

Wine and Summer said...

I am the world worst bowler!

Sounds like an amazing Mother's Day!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I'm really ashamed to admit that I had to look at your first picture for a good 2 minutes to figure out why two girls were in white dresses. DUH, Tamara... Go them! I'm loving your Mommy mug, I hope you had a happy Mother's Day!

Neri said...

I seriously do the happy dance if I get close to 100. ha!