Miles and Mom

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Miles and Mom

happy thursday.
seriously, thursdays are just good - no complaining here.
so  yesterday was an unexpected half day.
stella has strep - boo no fun.
but nothing is better for strep than ice cream.
and sick days at home when it's super ice outside, we just HAD to go
let's talk about how henry can completely devour that cherry dilly bar.
like nothing else matters the second that's in his hand.
and clearly by his face he's not pumped he had to take his concentration off his ice cream for two seconds.

so let's see how i'm doing with the 30 miles in 30 days.
or maybe that personal challenge i gave myself of 50 miles this month, since it's the 5th month.
so saturday i froze my butt off and completed 5 miles at the battlegrounds mud run.
i kinda jacked up my knee a bit that day.  and i haven't actually ran since.
monday night we busted out 3 miles in the stroller
and yesterday we got in another 3.
so we are 9 days into the month and i have 11 miles in!
not too bad!!
oh yeah and my silly ass decided to sign up for ANOTHER mud run on june 1st.
silly silly lady i am.....  ayi.  however this one is only a 5k.  it can't be too bad, right?!  right?!

so my kid was pondering out in the driveway yesterday about what to get his momma for mother's day.
yep - straight up redneck style.
milk belly pushed out - check.
pants tucked into his boots - check.
no shirt - check.
hand in his butt - check.
i thought for a second about slapping a tattoo on his arm.  no joke - i did.
ayi yi yi yi yi..... i laugh.
anyways,  i have to admit i totally want a Mom coffee cup.
ha - not like a #1 Mom one, that's a little much.  i mean unless my kid picked it out for me - then i would love it and drink out of it every day.  and sit it right on top of the mom coaster i have at work :)
but keil's seriously has some of the CUTEST mugs right now.
cough aunt lacie and aunt danielle we totally got you aunt cups cough.
god i suck a secrets.
so yeah - judge me all you want - but i totally want a mom coffee cup.
and a nice little gift card for a pedicure or some tans tucked right inside.
please and thank you.
and miss stella i KNOW you can afford this.  the other day we turned in her piggy bank money and we straight up pulled out THREE fifty dollar bills out that pig.  holy smokes!
any other mom coffee cup lovers out there?!


Anonymous said...

boooo for strep!

hahahah Henry's belly....too cute!

You're doing good with your miles. Your shooting for 50???! Dammmnn

Sarah said...

LOOK at you gettin those miles in!!

bahah that picture of henry his HILAR!!!
'milk belly out'

Amanda aka Manda said...

You're doing great! Hope Stella gets better soon! And I know I've said it before, but your lil guy is too precious! Love that picture!

Adrien said...

I would love a mom coffee cup, and I don't even drink coffee! :) One of the things I'm most looking forward to about preschool this fall is the crafts and stuff Evie will bring home for mom. Haha. And if Stella and Evie are in the same class, you and I will end up with a lot of very similar stuff! :D