Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

hi!!  how was your weekend?
mine was very low key.  which was nice.
considering i was grounded.  bahaha - like no joke.  ayi, that's for a different day.
anyways, moving on....
friday night jh and i headed out to spend money like there was no tomorrow.
it was super fun.  there goes my no spending april.  just kidding.
i had mostly gift cards or returns.  all in all i didn't even spend that much.
i did score a new white quilt for stella's new big girl bed for $39.99 originally $99.99.
thank you bed bath and beyond.  and thank you erin for my obsession with white quilts.
oh and danielle we almost bought a pizza pizzazz.  anyone else have one?  my sister raves about hers.
i'm not going to lie i do kindaaaaaa want one.
maybe she will get me one for a house warming present?!  lol.  jk.  jk.
anyways - we ended the night with the best decision ever.  FROYO.
oh.em.gee.  first off, let's talk about how you can't have froyo without gummy bears on top.
am i right?!  yes.
i was a first timer and now i am a lover.  like i want one in red bud, pronto.  sarah??  so good!
saturday morning i slept in and then headed for a walk with my mom.  nice way to start my morning.
then off to get yet some more shopping done.  promise i didn't find a money tree y'all.
PS - went to goodwill.  did you know that target gives their clearance stuff to Goodwill?
yeah, me either.  i got these FOUR target things and spent 10 bones.  10!!
new goody brush for stella, new threshold shower hooks, picture frame and a dry erase calendar.
i was one happy momma.
sunday i was up to work at CK and we were so busy.  holla!
S&H came back from dad's and the lukes came over.  we headed straight to the park.  on our way there we met the robert family too!  yay!  we had us one busy play date.
on the way back we pretty much ran the whole way home because landon wanted to race.  yes, the hills at swic pushing a double stroller.
poor kim had to push landon and stella.  i got the lighter load.  needless to say we let them win.
we finished up the night at DQ.  per landon's request.  which meant we HAD to go, i have YET to see this kid eat ice cream so i had to see this!!  i was a very proud Aunt Cassie!
we headed home, cleaned up, played for a bit and zonked out on the couch.
hope you had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

jealous that you got froyo. I want some...with gummy bears. sigh.

Anonymous said...

yumm FroYo!! I haven't tried gummies in my froyo. I get the same every time. Strawberry FroYo with strawberries. Wild and crazy I KNOW! hah

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Your weekend sounds pretty darn near perfect, especially Sunday! But girl... you need to fill that cup of FroYo yummy goodness up a little more!! It has to come AT LEAST 1/2 way up the handle of the spoon! Just sayin ;-) Have a GREAT week!!! XO

Ashleigh said...

Froyo is very delish however it looks like your missing a few more times with the machine! It needs to have more in it hehe... Glad you enjoyed your low key weekend!

Erin said...

Froyo + gummy bears is legit the best combo ever!! I haven't had any in soooo long and now I'm craving it big time! You don't have one close to you?!

I have scored a couple awesome Target items at Goodwill too! Love it!

Adrien said...

It was great running into you guys, even in spite of my children turning into screaming hooligans when it was time to leave, haha. :) I can't imagine racing in that WIND. You guys win mom awards for that one!

The Pink Growl said...

I have been seriously craving FroYo and I think this just solidifies that I need it!

Kim Luke said...

You definitely let me win. I wanted to crawl back!!!

FroYo date now that Landon will allow me to go somewhere they sell ice cream. Lol!
Lovie you!

Sarah said...

UHH I get so much stuff from target at the goodwill!!!

Also i tagged you today on le blog. check it out!!