Five Truths

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Five Truths

in the blogging world you read all kinds of blogs and find all kinds of girls and of course you think they are so cute and fun and you become like super jealous.
right?  trust me, happens to me daily.
but then you find one and then you actually meet her and it's like - she REALLY is cute and fun.  and i'm still jealous of her.  lol.  that's the cute little sarah over at silly incantations.
she tagged me in the ever so popular five truths post and well, come on, i have to do it.
everyone else is, right?!  ha.
moving on....  so i'm supposed to share five truths about me.
lawd i have been blogging for a long time.  so finding something you don't already know about me is hard.
like peeing in the shower, never wearing socks or underwear, the infamous shower beers and hating kraut.
so let's see if i can throw you all for a good one.

the volume always has to be on an even number.
on the tv, in the car, where ever.  i have no idea why.
like the tv or radio is going to blow up or something if it's on an odd number.
i know, i'm crazy.  but it needs to be on an even number.  end of story.

speaking of tv's i'm NOT a fan of having a tv in the bedroom.
josh and i always had one.  i think i even had one growing up.
but ever since we moved into the duplex and we are a one tv family, i kinda really LOVE it.
yes i said we own ONE tv.  yes, i understand this is 2013.
don't get me wrong i'd totally go for a saturday or sunday morning of watching tv in bed all day.
but wait, i'm a mom and that's not going to happen for a REALLY long time.

i could probably eat pizza rolls at least once a week.
ok ok, that's a lie.  probably three times.

when i was younger i had a magical power.
i could stand on dogs.  yep.  in a dress with a red solo cup.  looking sassy and everything.
i've been doing the hand on my hip pose for decades.  ha, i bet i have plenty of pictures like this too.  drink in my hand, hand on my hip, sass in my eyes.  just minus the dress.  and the bangs.  and standing on the dog.
and yes, that's my adopted sister maria again.  ha.  look at that hair.  this must have been right after we adopted her and mom didn't get a chance to take her to pammy's to get her hair done.  bless her heart.

i'm a music junkie.
i know the most random songs.  and of course i rock them via my personal car concerts to and from work.  ha.  kidding.  hey that 42 mile drive one way gets boring.
but no joke, it's almost embarrassing how many songs i know.
however i'm certain it will come in super handy one day when i win american idol.
and my music knowledge is quickly rubbing off on my daughter.
her favorites lately are, girl on fire, pontoon, call me maybe, all the single ladies, and shine on.
and trust me if you turn the station to a song she "knows" she quickly says, 'hey i like that song go back!'
so proud!!

so there you have it.  five new truths maybe?  hopefully.
anyone else want to reassure me that my ADD with the volume thing is normal?
anyone else have a special standing on dogs talent?  ha.
or an adopted sister from Guatemala?  kidding danielle.  kidding!!


sblind2 said...

BAHAHA love this!

I'm with you on the volume ... level 10 is perfect! Just last night I was like the TV is too loud .. put it on 10! Matt's like why - I'm like because that's a good level!!

LOVE the pic of Danielle....

Erin said...

LOL! I like my music/tv on an even number too. BUT I'm okay if it ends in a 5 also, because 5's my favorite number. So nothing ending in 3,7, or 9. NOW who's the crazy one?! ;)

Anonymous said...

A 42 mile drive to work!?! Yikes!!! I don't know if I could do that.

Anonymous said...

I think it's just even numbers for you in general. When you were prego with Henry weren't you super concerned about him being born on an even number date like Stella?

yumm pizza rolls!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

OMG the dog standing magical power is hilarious! Love the picture!

Sarah said...

AHHHH standing on dogs i love it :) & that solo cup, get it girlfran!!

Don't you be jealous of me! PUH LEASE!!

Anonymous said...

When we bought our house the previous owner had a TV in every room...really, every room. Kitchen/living room/BATHROOM-hidden in the closet across from the toilet/bedroom(s)/basement/garage/hot-tub room. No joke, every corner we turned there was another TV!

Here we are many years and 2 kids later, and we still have just ONE TV for all of us. It works for us. I'm unsure how anyone with kids has time to watch TV and manage to get anything done around the house??

Kim Luke said...

That dog picture cracks me up every single time!!! hilarious!!!!

you're a freak with the volume. you forgot to mention it's not only on your radio, it's when you're riding with people too. lol

we have 4 tv's. whoops.

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Standing on a dog?!? Hilarious!!

I remember you talking about how important the birth date of S&H was, how you wanted an even date, their 1/2 birthdays and the significance of the numbers added together from when they were born. Is that right? To sum it up, girl you cra cra!! I kid, I kid ;)

So awesome that Stella loves music! When I read that, I pictured her with the ipod rocking out. So cute!!

Adrien said...

I think you succeeded in posting some new facts - good job! That's hard stuff after a few years, haha. :)

I'm a total music junkie, too, and thank God for digital media, cause hardly anything I listen to is gonna be found on the radio around here. Gosh darn.

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

LMAO!!! Ummm...I could eat pizza rolls 3-5x's a DAY!! LOVE those little suckers!! Damnit now I want some!!!

I have the most random music selection too!! My friends always laugh when they get in my car b/c they never know what is going to come out!! LOVE me some good jams!


Katie said...

I'm the same way with the volume on things...HAS to be on an even number. Numbers that end in 5s are acceptable but not preferred :)

And I really don't like having a tv in our bedroom either. Since we're in Jake's parents basement right now and only have one room that's where our ONE tv is. I can't wait to move and put it back in the living room where it belongs :)

Sarah Birkner said...

Love your adopted sister Maria! Cracks me up every.single.time! We, well I, opted out of a tv in our bedroom when we moved and Jeff wants one in there now. But I am not giving in. We already have 3 tvs in the house and I refuse to agree with a 4th.

sergio castaño peña said...

tally agree with you!!!!!
always the thruth!!
follow <3

Wine and Summer said...

I only have one TV in my apartment too. I love not having one in my room.

That picture of you is hilarious! The hand on the hip is great!

Anonymous said...

I think that PAMMY is the reason she HAS that haircut, lol!
I could show you the horrible hairstyles that I used to have from her, lol!
God Love my mother!

Anonymous said...
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