Can't Hold Us

Friday, April 12, 2013

Can't Hold Us

hey!!  happy friday!
i have been all over the place with moods today.
but after a paid lunch to wendy's and a not so bad hour and a half LEED class.  i'm good!
kinda in a happy/funky upbeat mood.  so yay!  bring it weekend!
i have to link up with whitney this week and share my jam.
i love this song.  which is CRAZY for me because i'm not this type of person.
if there is a type for someone who jams to macklemore.  but i really like his music.

also i just have to share these stella lines from the week.
this girl...... she makes me laugh.  in a shake my head, parenting is fun way.
while out walking last night she says, "it's kinda chilly out."  yes, she three and should totally say, i'm cold.  but she says chilly.  it's cute.  i said, well put up your hood.  because she had a hoodie on.  she replies, 'no it'll mess up my hair!"
oh lawd - really sister?  because your hair it just always in perfect shape.  lol.
while playing the other evening she asks if i'd go and get her a cookie.  she said please, i said sure.  before i have barely even turned around to get it she says, 'hurry i'm hungry!'
cuse me???  shake my head....
and the best one yet......
the other night we were having ice cream.  brought the bowls into the living room and we sat down to watch some tv and enjoy.  after we were done i asked stella to go and put her bowl in the sink.  she replies with, 'i didn't bring it in here.'
well, speechless and trying not to laugh, you have a point.  but go put the bowl in the sink sister.
i love three year olds going on 13.  lol.

happy weekend!!


Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I am LOOOOVING the new Mackelmore song! I feel incredibly stupid because it was just a few days ago that I realized he was white, ha!

sblind2 said...


Anonymous said...

hahahah I didn't bring it in here. Clever!!

My lunch was paid for today too :)

Kacie said...

Oh Stella! She cracks me up!!

Dara said...

I just love the things little kids say!!