30 Miles in 30 Days

Thursday, April 11, 2013

30 Miles in 30 Days

whew - one more day, one more day.  this is NOT my week.....
moving on..... linking up with my cute little southern friend nikki
after my post last week i had a bunch of people say - i'm SO doing this too.
so i can't WAIT to hear about your progress!!
so i'm considering my weeks thursday to thursday, ok?  i do what i want.  it makes sense to me so let's just go with it.  mmmkay.  thanks.
so last week we were at 8.2 miles - not bad for one week!
well this week i'm here to tell you, i'm no where near 8.2 miles this week.
i know right.  i can't believe it either stella.  again - see above.  i'm over this week.
i'm happy to say i haven't taken this emotional roller coaster out on food.
i have just tried my best to focus on the positive and pray.  or shit, let jesus take the wheel or something.  ayi.
anyways - last thursday we didn't have any miles to add.  lame.
but friday - i did what every normal 26 year old would do at 7 p.m. when they have a night to themselves.
bust out 3.2 miles - boom.  done.
saturday i worked and then girls night.  but let's talk about dancing and laughing and girls nights.  some of the best exercise you can get!
sunday i was doing no physically activity of any sort.  due to said girls night.
monday - opening day.  and lawd knows you walk and walk and walk.  i'd give myself a mile but that's not all too fair.  so again, nothing to add.  horrible, i know, i'm shaking my head too.
tuesday - i needed nothing more but some time with my babies.  so we drove to the park and played and played.  no walking.
and yesterday it rained.
so all we have to add for this week is 3.2 miles.  better than zero, right?
so in 11 days we have about 11 and a half miles.
alright then - i'd say,  right on track!!
next week WILL be better!!

so how am i doing on money.  i know some of you can't wait to find out.
and then poke fun of it and post stuff on FB.  that's my favorite!
how i forget that we are 26 and not 16 - back to said line of "i'm OVER this week!"
so we are 11 days in and i'm at $117.73
this kinda made me YIKES for a second.  but really it hasn't been bad.
sure i spent $5 to get my car washed that i could have done at home, and had a $32 food bill for the girls night on Saturday, but the rest has pretty much been necessities.  like the hair cut.  momma NEEDED it.
and remember i have a son, who eats and drinks me out of house and home.  i swear we can go through two gallons of milk a week.  and if i would let him he'd probably eat a whole package of deer sausage, string cheese and hot dogs in a weeks time too.  i'm nervous for these years ahead and my grocery bill.

so - this past week is the past.  tomorrow is freaking friday and the weekend's almost here.
let's do this!
bahahaha - and with that said, happy margarita thursday!!


Wine and Summer said...

Omg, that last quote killed me! Thank god I don't look like I did in 6th grade! That would just be tragic!

Tina Steibel said...

I have been sharing your words of wisdom with some sad women in my office today... They are all cracking up!

Love you kid.


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Bahahaha!!! Best.Advice.Ever!!

Pretty sure dancing on a girls night is like 5 miles!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe thay statement should say, "remember you don't look like your adopted sister did in 6th grade."

Some of us are late bloomers!

Love you sister,

Erin said...

Not tracking my miles but I probably should be... I have been doing squats! It's attractive. I need a marg!! I promised myself I would NOT drink this week. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Damn I cancel our lunch date and then I read this. FAIL KATIE FAIL! Sorry!!! Hope your weekend makes up for the week you've been having.

Amanda aka Manda said...

You're doing awesome. You're doing better than me. I'm trying to do better and follow Dave's examples, but it is hard! I'm glad to hear/see someone else doing it and really trying to make it work!

Sarah Birkner said...

Loved the challenge idea so I brought my friends into it as well. We started on Sunday and as of today I am at 10.32 miles (day 5).

The Pink Growl said...

I just said a quick prayer to thank Jesus that I don't like I did in 6th grade! hahaha Love you! So glad we are both staying accountable and killin it this month!