Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

hey hey - Happy Easter!  let's pick up where we left off.....
Friday night we headed to my bff's house to dye some Easter eggs with our favorite L&L.
when your night starts off like this
and your mind flashes back to not even five years ago and then you think holy smokes this will be them in not even 15 years - you just sit on the back patio and pour yourself a drink.  ha.
boy we are going to have ourselves a time!
we then headed inside and dyed Easter eggs.  PTL Kim is crafty.  the kids didn't have much interest.  clearly.
Landon throwing the thumbs up and Stella just being.... three.  ayi.
about five minutes into it we just let them run and play and Kim finished.  again - PTL she is crafty.
how cute are these?  and the filling she made - oh my gawd.  it called for hot sauce, a new one to me but it was SO good!
we had one last attempt at a group picture.....  it just wasn't happening.
maybe i will dress as Cailou or something next time - they will all stare at him for hours.
thanks for the Luke's for having us over for some Easter fun.
Saturday morning we slept in and then packed our bags and picked up Nana and headed to Springfield to spend Easter with aunt Danielle and Tate.  we dyed more Easter eggs, this time using the shaving cream method on pinterest.  it was fun.  messy but fun!
Sunday morning we were up (in our Sunday best) to find that the Easter bunny came to Danielle's apartment.  lawd this is Easter egg hunting at it's finest.  lol.  i love that every one's in their jammies.  Stella's hair is cray (ok every one's hair is cray).  Henry has ZERO interest (just hold me mom and get the eggs, that one, over there).  and all my child cares about is MONEY.  PTL it's just quarters.
Stella had a small meltdown before church over her dress.  ayi, i questioned my parenting.  seriously i need to have a whole post on this.  she put her dress on willingly but then about three minutes later it was NOTHING but a full blown tantrum.  it itched.  she wanted to wear shorts.  it hurt.  i let her cry it out and throw her fit for a good few minutes.  finally i just gave in and let her change into a different out.
should i have just let her scream and cry and made her wear the dress?  am i bad for giving in?
PTL this cutie looked fly and LOVED wearing his Easter blazer.
i mean come on - how cute is that??
we headed to church at the cathedral where Stella was pumped that a king was there.  lol.  yes that king she was referring to was the bishop.  ha.  oh i was cracking up.  he was coming in and she was like 'mom mom look a king a king!'  i was like what?  oh the bishop's hat makes him look like a king.  hilarious.
and then after her being completely cute i forgot about the horrible tantrum and feeling like a bad parent......
after church we headed to Tate's parents house for brunch and oh my word.  it was amazing.
his mom is great at entertaining and cooking and making drinks and decorating and just everything!
thank you again to the Hartman's for having us!
later that afternoon we packed up and headed home.  the park was calling our name when we got to town.  we changed clothes, grabbed the stroller and Abbie and headed out.  i think we spent a good two hours outside.  it was awesome!
hope everyone had a great Easter and weekend!
Illinois clearly had too much to drink yesterday because it's back to being crazy cold today.  ayi.  someone needs an intervention.  make up your mind already Illinois.
cheers to a great week!


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

You two and your adorable babies!!!! Sooo stinkin cute!

Kim Luke said...

love those pictures of the 4 of them.
and that truck picture, omg- i just love it. so funny!!!

another play date again soon!! i can't go weeks again without seeing S&H!!!

Adrien said...

Aw, Henry is a little stud in his blazer. :D I love that Stella thought the bishop was a king. Ahahaha....

For what it's worth, I don't think you gave in to Stella this time - you listened to her and snuffed out a potential annoyance all day if she was already complaining about it. Actually I say good for you for being flexible, because it would have really disappointed me if the dress I had picked out didn't end up working for us. Though, I do understand the concern about throwing tantrums over things...Gracie is our little fireball and NOTHING we've tried so far seems to get through to her. I will say it's getting better with age. :)

Neri said...

The blazer!! Little man! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Lovin the blazer Heni! :)

hahah glad you all got to see the king on Easter.

Stella looks so big walking Abbie.

Ashley said...

I can't even handle the cuteness of a baby in a seersucker blazer. Glad yall had a wonderful weekend!

The Pink Growl said...

It rained alllllll of my 3 day weekend here - boooo! Maybe some sunshine and fresh air will cheer me up and help me get active!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Henry is such a stud in his blazer!!! He looks like he's in heaven driving Landon's truck. I see a 4x4 in his future, mom :-)

Holy smokes.... Stella looks like such a BIG girl walking her doggie! I can't believe how much older she looks in this pic!

I agree! Weather man, mother nature, whoever is listening, please make up your mind already! Sooooo ready for spring and warm weather :) Have a good week girl, XO

Anonymous said...

Henry is a stud! Love that blazer! :)