My Day Is Made

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Day Is Made

it's the little things in life, right?
or sometimes the big things.
like when you get an email out of the blue from a subcontractor and they ever so politely ask if you are a baseball fan.  and then they go on to ask if you (and another co-worker) would like to join them for
whattttt - yep that happened.
this momma has herself a pretty little seat on Monday for Opening Day for the St. Louis Cardinals.
i can't stop pinching myself.  i'm SO excited.
luckily i just got TWO new cardinal's shirts, and hell i might have to bring both because look at the temps.  wow-wee.  i'm just in the best mood ever right now.
if that chance of possibly showers can go away, the world would be a better place.
but almost 70 for the high.  PRAISE THE LORD!

so, not a bad little Tuesday i have going on!


Julia said...

Oh I am SO jealous of you right now!! Going to the Cards home opener is on my bucket list! I will go one of these days, even if I am 85 and have to go by myself;) lol!! Have a blast and drink 1 for me!

P.S-thanks again for the shirts! I got them from Kacie yesterday.

Anonymous said...

So so jealous! No really I'm super jealous. I'm with Julia Cardinals home opener is definitely on my bucket list. It WILL happen someday.

Laura said...

That is too sweet! If only.... :) A girl can dream, right? How about them Packer tics??? Score any of those yet?

Esme said...

Yay that is awesome! Have a blast! GO CARDS!!

Suze said...

Wayyyyy excited. Go Cards!

Kacie said...

Yay! Mom and I have tickets too.....but I couldn't get off work :*( boo! Mom is still goin without me! Have fun! :)

Holly Higgins said...

I'm not a baseball fan, but that's awesome!

Adrien said...

Hope that rain just disappears!! :)

lesley: the dream tree said...

have fun!
i wish i was going, but i have to work. boo!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Have fun at the game! :)

Jackie said...

So happy for you!!! Maybe we will run into each other! We are making a full day of it....CK breakfast and all! LOL