April Challenge - 30 in 30 and other Goals

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Challenge - 30 in 30 and other Goals

hey  guys!!  happy thursday!!  (aka happy margarita thursday!)
AND - momma just might have to pour herself one tonight.  why, because i just got formal official home loan approval today.  lawd this is stressful.  but it's paid off!!
i will be a HOME OWNER IN 49 DAYS!!
or in the words of stella "i'm getting a new house!"
ahhhhh - SO excited.  and so so nervous.  but WAY more excited!!
anyways, this month i'm linking up with my sister from another mister nikki b over at the pink growl.
man i love this girl!  our weekly texts, tweets, fb posts, emails - we are keeping each other motivated!

SO she came up with this awesome link up.  30 miles in 30 days.
hello - that's SUPER easy.  and it doesn't have to be running.  it can be walking.
the whole purpose is to just get you active.  and thanks to some awesome weather lately, we have been!
i'll be the first at admit that in march i fell off the bandwagon.
i was one hot emotional mess.  still dealing with the divorce, not knowing what i want, the house stuff, holidays, etc.  it took a toll on me.  and my pants.  i was busting out of some.  my skinny jeans didn't look too skinny.  i was like WTF cassie (ok and WTF emotions).  and then i picked up my phone and started texting nikki.  and one positive text after the other and pssh, we got this!
so my updates for this week:
Monday S&H went to Dad's house for the night.  so i got home, put Abbie's leash on her and we busted out a little 5k at lincoln park.  for those of you who don't know, one lap is 0.8 miles (thanks Em).  so four laps is 3.2, which is a 5k-ish.  i wanted to do 5 laps for a total of 4 miles but Abbie is out.of.shape (buck up Ab).  so we headed home.  ps - one time i took Ab to a Mutt and Me 5K, bahahaha, i carried her most of the way.  homegirl isn't a fan of running.  lol.
Tuesday the weather was nice and S&H were back so we grabbed the double stroller and headed to the park.  got in a two mile walk thanks to the walk there and back.
Wednesday nana wanted to go for a walk and she has her three mile loop she does around town, so back into the stroller we went and busted out three more miles.
So 8.2 miles in this week!  only 21.8 more to go in 26 days!

t's supposed to be nice again tonight and since we didn't go to the park last night we will probably head there later.  anyone wana join?!  it's impossible to say no to these cuties.
this weekend S&H go to daddy's.  so hopefully Saturday or Sunday i will lace up my shoes and head back to lincoln park for some more running.  sans Abbie maybe....
all in all my body feels GREAT!  after the run on monday my inner thighs were burning.  thanks to those horribly awesome hills out there.
i'm going to try my best to do the squat challenge i found on neri's blog.
there are plenty of days lately i work i barely get to leave my office.  and i have the biggest fear of a secretary's ass ever.  SO hopefully this will help!  but lawd 300 squats.  ayi.  anyone whose ever had a baby honestly has to think there's no way i could do this without peeing a little.  seriously!!
also since i have a small girl crush on neri and my co-worker alyssa is awesome about what she eats - i have been trying to eat "better."  i've been having apples with peanut butter pretty much every morning, hopefully i'll switch to almond butter soon.  i only allow two cups of coffee a day (sometimes i'd drink FOUR cups).  and i have cut back to one cream and one splenda (i know alyssa, i know!).  but i used to be a 3 and 3 girl.  crazy right!  shit this morning i even brought hard boiled eggs to eat.  for breakfast.  lawd i'm going to regret that soon!!  ha.
OH and i'm going to try my best for a no spend April too.
shit - i got a lot going on.  lol.
but keeping NO SPEND in the back of your mind makes you re-think just about every single purchase.
and most of the time, i don't even end up buying it.  so yay for that!
so for four days in i've spent $11.92 - not too bad.
who else wants to join?
30 in 30?
the squat challenge?
no spend march?
we can do this!!


Sarah said...

WOOO i am doing the 30 in 30 too!!

That squat calendar looks...awful. Your hiney is going to be fabulous after it though!

AHHHHHHHHH new house! I literally cannot wait! So excited for you love!!

Neri said...

You're hilarious!! We could totally be "irl" friends! I'm going to join you on 30 in 30, I may only walk some (many) days due to my back, but I'm in. I've been trying the no spend thing for years and fail bad all the time. *sigh*


Katie said...

Congrats on the house! It's definitely nerve wracking but so exciting!

I'm loving walking in this weather lately, too :)

And house purchasing has Jake and I on a no-spend April budget as well. Inspections are expensive suckers!

alyssak said...

Lol, loved the shout out to me on the splenda! I think you are doing great and I'm no where near perfect with my eating so no judgment here. I'm also trying the 30 in 30 and I love the strength training and core training exercises that go with it!

Amanda aka Manda said...

I'm so glad that you're doing the 30 in 30 too! Nikki is amazing and has definitely kept me motivated (and sane at times) too. The squat challenge looks awful and amazing at the same time. I'm in a shopping ban right now too. I've only gone 2 days so far, but I just started Tuesday. so....we'll see how this goes. Good luck with all the challenges lady!

The Pink Growl said...

sooo proud of you girl! You are on a roll and I'm NOT gonna let you stop. We are gonna get out shit together and run away from our crazy emotions! haha YAY for being a homeowner!!! You will feel so empowered by that! I can't wait to come over....one day! We will def need a facetime margarita night at the very least to celebrate everything! HOT BODIES, NEW HOUSES, BFFS! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow look at you!!!
Coco & I walk a lot through the neighborhood. Do you have something that tracks how far you walk?! I have no clue the distance we walk each time.

300 squats??!! wowie that sounds painful hahah

Emily said...

No prob. You got that 30 in 30 in the bag sister!!

Adrien said...

Congratulations on the house! I so wish I had seen this earlier today - we would have totally been up to an evening at the park!

Heather said...

I found your blog through the "30 Miles in 30 Days" link up and like it! As a frugal gal myself I was very impressed that you've spend so little so far this month - congrats! I also see your a Cardinals' fan - I grew up 20 minutes from STL and then lived there for several years (small world, huh!); I live a couple hours away now but have to make fairly frequent trips there, and it always feel like I'm home. Many congratulations on your new house!