It's Friday!! Some Huge Hits

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Friday!! Some Huge Hits

well good news (besides the fact that it's friday)  ps i have felt like it was supposed to be friday already more than a few times this week.  anyways the good news - the tents were a HUGE hit.
YAY!!  i think once i get/add the sheep skin stuff and they actually fit in their new rooms in the new house, the world will be a better place.  until then we just move them all over the place.
or put them back to back and make on big long tent.  that's been the fav so far.
regardless - yay!  i feel like a good mom.
you know what else is a huge hit?
shampoo mohawks 
especially taking pictures of said shampoo mohawks so we can look at them and laugh over and over.
another huge hit?  FaceTime.
when S&H go to Daddy's i usually get a reenactment of the blair witch project.  henry gets ahold of the phone and i pretty much see nose up and he's off running and giggling.
occasionally i will get a real good, oh hey, there's your face moment.  and everyone is happy.  ps - i really wish i got that clock when i moved out.  i love that clock.  anyways....
another huge hit - TRYING to clean eat.  i'm trying y'all.  so far i did an apple with peanut butter for breakfast.  in fact it was the Nice! brand peanut butter from Walgreens.  bought it mostly because i thought, maybe if i eat this it will help.  ha.  no joke.  so far so good.  depends on who you ask.  anyways, back to my clean eating.  i had tuna wrapped in lettuce leaves for lunch.  crackers were on my mind the whole time.  but honestly it wasn't too bad.  i kept thinking i was at pf changs and this was one of their lettuce wraps, yeah only when i closed my eyes REAL hard.  damn i love pf changs and their lettuce wraps.  dinner of course will probably be fried fish - aka NOT clean.  but good.  we will see....
tuna is just tuna, a little bit of mayo, mustard, S&P and pickles.
and last but certainly not least.  the most adorable easter story i have ever seen!  aka a huge hit in my book!
adrien's blog is a must read for me every day.  mostly because she makes me strive to be a better mom.
and half of the days i wish i was her kids.  because they seem to have fun every day.
you HAVE to check out this video she made.  it's adorable.  and SPOT on.
adrien you are awesome.  in more ways than i can even type in the blog post!

i hope everyone has a really nice easter.  we are switching it up this year and celebrating with my sister's boyfriends family.  we are all SO excited!!  see ya!


Adrien said...

Oh my, I love your whole post, but I totally wasn't expecting the end. :) Love you, girl! You are such a huge encouragement to me!

Anonymous said...

I always think Thursday is Friday. Every single week.