Oh How Pinteresting!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting!!

sorry if you follow me on pinterest and you are SICK of my house pins.
actually wait, i'm not sorry.  i'm addicted.  and it feels SO gooddddddd!!!

especially when people have to be so negative and think, 'how in the hell is she buying a house??'
listen momma makes bank and it's none yo business.
kidding.  i'm just really trying to be smart with my money.  and i knew that come the end of my lease and wasn't re-signing.  goals people.  goal.  and  for the love of god good things happen to good people.  right?!

BUT i do like to keep them on their toes and say, 20% down, who needs that when you're sleeping with the mortgage guy.  bahahha.  kidding.  moving on...

this house isn't even mine and i'm already dreaming of small updates.  but praise the lord, thank you baby jesus, god is good; this house is just ADORABLE and COMPLETELY move in ready!!  SO lucky!!
i LOVE this for the bathroom.
just paint the shelves and add some trim to the front.
AND they removed the door and added a shower curtain.  ummm - adorable!!

you have NO IDEA how excited i mostly am to just decorate!!  renting you can't paint shit.
stella has a white day bed and i think this would just be ADORABLE for her!!

and i totally want to make henry's room super manly.  maybe a pallet wall?  ohhhhh!!!
i can see this happening (minus the pops of pink).  and i think non uncle phil would approve.  maybe he will lend us some cool antlers or something.....  of course keep the D for our favorite aunt danielle.  jk jk.

the kids rooms will be upstairs and it has such the cottagey feel right now.  it's SO cute.
i think adding this board and batten to the inside tall walls would be the perfect addition.

and we will have an awesome back patio that we will be able to enjoy.  eeee - so excited!!
found these will babies on pinterest (duh).  tuna can, pvc pipe, candle and a vase.
spray paint and boom - DONE.  ummm, adorable!!

ok and completely off subject - i think i need this hair.  erin?!!

happy winesday!


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Eff the haters!! Sleeping with the mortgage dude, I see nothing wrong with this! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

cuteeee stuff. Someday...when I have a house...I will totally Pinterest it out! haha

Anonymous said...

That pin for Stella's room is super cute! Love the paint color

Adrien said...

So fun! I hope you'll post house update progress. ;)

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Hey... to save that 20%, a girl has to do what a girl has to do! Haha I kid, I kid ;-)

Lovie your style and I'm so excited to see how you put your touch on things! I was thinking about making those little lights too. Do I see a Pinterest party in the making??? Umm, I'm thinking yes :)))

Kim Luke said...

Bahahaha!!! Work it girlfriend! Who is this loan guy you speak of? ;)

Love all of those ideas. Can't wait to see your house!!! XO

Neri said...

You're hilarious! Totally lol'd and the kids looked at me like I'm crazy as they try to read! ha! I'm giving my house a "face lift" right now and just got some fab ideas! THANK YOU!

Kacie said...

Eeeee, I'm not crafty, but I LOVE to decorate! :) ummm, yes, go for the hair!!

Beth said...

Take LOTS of before and after pics. I love me some good remodeling/decorating shots. Seriously. Congrats, again!!