Tuesday, February 26, 2013


one blogger i really enjoy is erica.  she's funny, ridiculous, but so real.  i get excited when she has a new post.  and i really got excited today when she posted this video.  i'm SO right there with her when it comes to compliments.  do you feel you do it enough?  do you believe there should be more?
i'm not going to lie i'm not afraid to stop and tell a complete stranger that i love their outfit, bracelet  hair, anything.  or to stop and tell a mom how cute their kid is.  i mean come on, i get those kind of compliments daily on my little babes (jk jk).  but honestly when i get them my heart gets a little warm.
oh god - who is this sappy girl.  ha.  promise, i'm not getting all lovely dovey on you guys.
BUT watch this video - it's truly amazing.  and think about giving compliments more.

and while we're at it - here's a few i'd love to give.
to my side bar button girls...
katie - you have such a genuine heart.  watching you this weekend with my kids and tyson and rowan, gah, i can't WAIT for you to be a mommy someday!!
kim - thank you for reminding me daily to not take life so seriously.  i love you for that!
alyssa - (new blogger here people!!) i really do enjoy our talks about food/clean eating/raising our kids.  because of them i honestly think twice about what we eat daily.
nikki - girl you are awesome.  your morning 'have a great day' texts and your just positive 
sami, shannon, jen, dusty - i enjoy reading your blogs daily.  i look at your four as such strong women!!

for the commenters who don't have their e-mail addresses linked so i can reply back when they leave great comments:
mary - reaching out to me via messenger and just the real and honest comments you leave occasionally on my blog mean more to me than you know.
terri - gah, girl thank you for relating to me.  being real with me and being SO open and honest.  from a stranger to someone i truly call a friend now. 
shannon - girl your up lifting, always positive comments make me cry and smile daily.  you rock!

do you feel you compliment enough?
try to compliment someone today.
remember - be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.


Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

This is so awesome! I've been given so much love lately, I just might steal your idea and give some back to my favorite people in the blog world!

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

PS - How could I comment on a post about compliments and not leave you one? ... I admire your strength as you are going through this divorce process as a single mom! Your kids certainly know they are loved and adored by you!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I compliment people a lot, because I always try to treat people the way I want to be treated...but maybe I don't do it enough. I know I don't at work because I'm always too focused!

And on that note...I think you're super fantastic. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww I love this made me happy! :)

You are like super mom. I'm pretty sure just on our way down to Kristen's this weekend your one arm went in the backseat about 75812 times give or take a few. Both Stella & Henry were happy campers the entire trip because momma came prepared!

Michelle Haake said...

I loved that last line. It is so true, everyone has a different battle. I love reading your blog. I look forward to it every day I'm at work. I even have it on my iphone...addicted? Maybe.

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Compliments always make my day so I always try to give others, even strangers the same. I am like you and have no problem complimenting strangers. Love to think that I could be the one to make someones day.


Adrien said...

Oh yes, I think compliments are sooo important! With that said, Cassie I think you are so beautiful, and in spite of life being a bit crazy this past year you continue to be poised, classy, strong, and have remained an amazing mom for your kids. You are buying a house by yourself!! You have a great job! You have lots of friends! I really admire you. :)

keepingupwithkristen said...

Aw, I loved this! You've got such a big heart, Cassie! Your little ones are lucky to have such a sweet mama!

This reminds me of a little game my girls and I play (when we're drinking in the hot tub haha). We've done it twice now...we go around in a circle and say one thing we love about the person to our left. It's always fun hearing what everyone has to say and it's a great way to lift each other up.

I stole this video and posted it to FB, btw : )


Kim Luke said...

gaaah! why did this make me cry? lol
Love you chick! thanks for always being at my side. Even when I couldn't get up, I always knew you'd be the person to sit next to me!
Love you all my heart! <3

Shannon Snodgrass said...

You are an amazing woman and mother Cassie! I have never seen someone go through so much and have half the class that you do! I'm sure those two little special people in your life may have just a little to do with that ;-) I think you are an incredibly strong, loving, caring, sincere, funny and beautiful person. Thank you for inspiring me! Here is to holding your head high.... CHEERS! XO

Mary Cavalier said...

Thanks Cassie - I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up on your kiddos. Reminds me of my two little girls about 20 years ago :-)
Feel free to hope on over to my blog when you have time. Mostly crafts and recipes - but I'm sure there will be grand-daughter stories/pictures soon.