Henry's Half Birthday (Kinda....)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Henry's Half Birthday (Kinda....)

oh the day has come.  the day i'm not fond of.
my son's "make believe" half birthday.  gah.  i'm still mad at my OB for this.
since henry was born on the 30th of august, he will never officially have a half birthday.
(because february doesn't have 30 days, in case any of you were having a hard time with that).
so since this is the last day of february we will make due....
this boy!  ahhhh - he's SO perfect.  SO good.  SO easy.  SO lovable!!
i'm one VERY lucky momma.  hands down!!
just working away and having some tea.  shirtless of course.
oh and he LOVES doing this at night.  it CRACKS me up!!
he doesn't get very far, but it's hilarious to watch every.single.time!
he LOVES riding in the car with his sunglasses on now a days.  he thinks he's HOT stuff.
i hands down agree!
he is honestly the easiest kid ever.  as long as he has his mila (milk) or ju (juice) he's happy.
oh yea and string cheese.  and deer sausage.  boys set.
i love me an easy to please little guy.
and the best way to celebrate this half birthday of his is to see aunt lacie and phil tomorrow!!  and of course at a fish fry.  ok ok, and probably a trip to dairy queen tonight.  ha.
thank you henry george for an awesome, wonderful, loving (gah, i love that you are STILL a momma's boy), easy and VERY happy 18 months!!
i have said time and time again how finding out i was having a boy threw me completely off guard, but i am SO glad i have you and couldn't imagine my life without.
i love you, i love you, i LOVE you!! 


Anonymous said...

Happy Half Birthday Henry George! Non-Uncle Phil & I can't wait to see you. Love you so much.

Anonymous said...

:) Happy Half Birthday Henry!!

keepingupwithkristen said...

Happy Half Birthday, little guy!!

Anonymous said...

Happy half birthday!

He's a cutie!

Kacie said...

I love this post! Happy Half Birthday, Henry! Uncle Buck and Aunt Kacie love you!!

Kim Luke said...

AWWW! Happy 1/2 Birthday Heni!! <3 can't believe you & Lala are closer to 2 than 1. Wah!!

Ashley said...

Happy Half Birthday Henry! He's one cool dude with those shades :)