Let's Do This March!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's Do This March!

happy friday.  happy march.  happy my sisters are both home.  happy fish fry day - ha.  life is good!!
so i have some crazy goals for march.  like no joke.  BUT i really do believe i can do them.
first up we have NO SPENDING MARCH!
here was Henry telling my dad about it last night.  he's saying, 'papa my mamma's lost her mind!"
promise buddy we will still have money for DQ trips. 
yep - of course i pick the month with 31 days to do this..... totally should have went with February.
anyways - SO for the whole month - NO extra spending.  i can do this.  i really can!
so the no extra spending is stuff that's NOT a necessity.  clothes, toys, extras at the grocery store.
along with that there are some other rules.
one day a week - don't use your debit card.  that's pretty easy!  i might increase this to two days.
another rule is no eating out.  but that's just NOT going to happen.
SO i have changed the rules a bit to only $200 CASH for the whole month to "eat out" and for groceries.  just like DR says, 'cash is king!"  no joke how many times a week do you go to the store for "dinner" when you have PLENTY to make at home.  our biggest problem will be milk.  shit, by now i would have saved money by buying a damn cow.
SO, $200 cash to spend, no debit card once/twice a week, and NO extra spending.
pssh, we got this!

and another goal is to do the March Madness workout.  which i'm pumped about.
however did you see that at the end?  30 push up and 31 burpees?  lawd.

i have also been selling a bunch of stuff on the swap and sell on FB and on craiglist.  stuff we just don't need/use/won't work in the new house.  like i have a washer and dryer i need to get rid of.  along with maybe a kitchen table.  area rugs, etc.  so let me know if you need anything, i'll let you know if i have it!
all the money will go to SPEND in April.  ha.  jk jk.  but it will all go for house stuff - which is always super fun!!

so bring it march!
have a great weekend! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I am trying not to do any extra spending either. Actually, March is the month when I start paying extra on my car payment! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

My first thought when I read the 'no spending march' was whatttt we have lunch plans next week!!
Glad you have curved some of the rules. But after this one I will refrain from any more March lunch dates. Promise!

Adrien said...

Good luck - you can do it! The one thing I dread about moving is all the extra STUFF we've accumulated. I'll be doing the same thing as you - sell, sell, sell!

The Pink Growl said...

Here's to a GREAT March for us both! Hopefully we can focus on ourselves to save some money and get fit! :) XOXO

Ashley said...

I think a no spend month is a GREAT idea! You can do it, especially with the big reward of house-money at the end of it.

Kacie said...

I'll let Kelsie know you have household things...since they will be moving in May :)

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I am doing no spending March too!! WTH were we thinking picking this month?! It will be worth it...right? Let's not talk about how I over did spending in Feb to make me feel a little better this month! I think I need to block KKLR from all social media!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Good luck with the no spending plan. Just think of all the fun new house stuff you will get to spend it on!!! Totally worth saving your dolla dolla bills for ;-)

I printed the challenge and started today!! We should totally have some sort of celebration at the end of the month!!

Have a great weekend, XO

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Love Dave Ramsey! Good luck!