Oh How Pinteresting

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting

yesterday i was in the pissiest mood ever.  i was not a pleasant person to be around.
sorry to any of you who were affected by this.  it's not cute.
luckily i found my sassy pants this morning and i'm in a good mood.
and i need some good laughs - so here we go:
 thank you beth for this one.  oh i'm still laughing.....
sarah posted this one and it's spot on!  we have to go there tonight.  dreading it!!

Happy Wednesday!!


keepingupwithkristen said...

Ecards are my favoriteeee!! So glad you have your sassy pants on today : )
..I really need to go blog instead of just leaving all these comments. Thank you for checking on me and Nikki! Glad to know someone misses us when we're gone! xo

Anonymous said...

I like the 4th one! hahaha

Erin said...

LOL- I needed these today too! Too funny! I love the one about 'busy status updates' .... I admit to being busy, but who isn't?! lol

and the liars pants! HA

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Some of those ecards crack me up! I just sent you an email. It's perfect for your blog today ;-)

Sarah said...

BAHAH I am so glad you loved the walmart one, its SO true!

I am glad you got your sassy pants on lady!

Kim Luke said...

ugh it must have been in the air last night!!! i was horrible.
Dane politely asked if i wanted to go to bed at like 6 last night. aka please go to bed you crabby bitch.

love those ecards!!!
bad cough + laxatives. bahahahaha

Ashley said...

Hahahaha the fart/laxatives one is so funny!!!
Totally agree with the Walmart one!

Beth said...

Hands down, the coughing/laxatives/farting one is the best. Farts are funny. Period. That one was hilarious!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

I am soo with Kim!! My hubs said "can you go back to your chubby self you weren't such a bitch then" Yep those words totally left his lips!!

Hearing a fart at night home alone I may piss myself!!