It's Friday!

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Friday!

first off - my sincere apologizes for it raining yesterday.
seriously i am totally to blame.  it's because i went and washed my car.
happens every.damn.time.
no joke.
so yesterday we took the day off.
from work.  from blogging.  from life.
gah - momma needed it.  i think S&H did too.
the three of us were just loving each other hard core yesterday.
jammies were worn a good majority of the day.
of course we woke up and headed to CK.  duh.
then headed to my work to grab my laptop.  where of course S&H turned on their charm and everyone oooh-ed and ahhh-ed over them.  which secretly i just loved too.  ha.
once the tv was fixed we caught up on all the episodes of Daniel Tiger that we had missed.  and then just had ourselves and nice relaxing day.
exactly what we needed.

S&H are off to daddy's house for the weekend.
henry packed his purse this morning.  bahahahahaha.
that boy - babies, his sister's high heels and now the purse.  hilarious.
and sister - lawd she musta stole my sassy pants from the other day.
no one was touching that hair this morning.  yep we went to connie's with it looking just like that.
hello - hot mess friday!
but in better news - someone's not wearing a pull up to bed anymore.  yay for that!!

momma is gearing up for a mardi gras party at work this afternoon.  yep, love my job.
some sweet nails from erin tonight.
ck tomorrow.
and possibly a night out with my hickey besties on saturday.
before i know it it will be 6:00 on sunday and life as i know it will be complete.
happy weekend!


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Oh those two are so stinkin' cute!! Happy Weekend Love!!

keepingupwithkristen said...

Your hickey besties?! Who are they? They sound fun.

Hope you have a fun weekend, you deserve it!! Love youuuu!

Katie said...

hahaha Henry!! Your dad was freaking out at Stella's party about Henry carrying that baby everywhere he goes. And now the purse!

The no pull up thing must have been bc of the new undies she got for her birthday :) YAY STella!!!!

I think plans are set for Saturday. Kathy & I might come husbandless.

Sarah said...

Haha hot mess friday! preach it sister!! How presh is his little purse too funny :)

Eeks have fun with those ladies this weekend!!

happy friday pretty lady!

Adrien said...

That is equally hilarious and frustrating about your car and the rain. I'm going to have to remind you to NOT wash your car if I plan any outdoor events this year, haha. Glad you got a weekday to spend just hanging out with the kiddos!

The Pink Growl said...

Do your hickey people know Katie's hickey people? I read about hickey girls on her blog today too. Happy weekend love bug!

Ashley said...

Henry's purse is just too cute! Your kids are adorable. Hope you have a great weekend!